Monday, April 30, 2012

Avacyn Restored Pre-Release Part 2 (Sunday)

So my local store held two pre-releases for Avacyn Restored, and this post is about Sunday's tournament which lasted 3.5 hours and 3 matches. I came in 3rd out of 8 players, so I got three booster packs as part of the 15 pack pot.

I did the same as with Saturday: I built two 45 card decks. My first deck was the MVD (Most Valuable Deck) having been played the most (winning me 4 of 5 games played, and winning 2 matches) while my second deck won one game and lost one game during the match I lost.

Here are the decks:

First Deck

Creature Spells
Midnight Duelist x1
Hunted Ghoul x2
Angelic Wall x1
Searchlight Geist x1
Seraph of Dawn x1
Riders of Gavony x1
Midvast Protector x1
Undead Executioner x1
Spectral Gateguards x1
Polluted Dead x1
Marrow Bats x1
Voices of Provinces x1

Artifact Spells
Scroll of Griselbrand x1
Bladed Bracers x1
Haunted Guardian x1

Other Spells
Predator's Gambit x1
Call to Serve x1
Essence Harvest x1
Unhallowed Pact x2
Angel's Mercy x1
Builder's Blessing x1
Mental Agony x1
Defy Death x1
Descent into Madness x1
Exquisite Blood x1
Banishing Stroke x1
Death Wind x1

Plains x8
Swamp x8

Comments: Some cards served some great purposes. Looking back now, I realize Scroll of Griselbrand was pointless for the purpose I had for it since I lack demons in this deck, so not sure why I had it in here. Never made anyone discard a card with it either. Bladed Bracers is great for some of the flying creatures. I know I soulbound the Spectral Gateguards to my Seraph of Dawn, and gave the Seraph of Dawn the Bladed Bracers. Worked to my advantage. Undead Executioner came in handy giving a creature -2/-2 when it died. Unhallowed Pact works out great enchanting the opponent's creatures. All in all, this deck was pretty useful...

Second Deck

Creature Spells
Scalding Devil x1
Kruin Striker x1
Nightshade Peddler x2
Wandering Wolf x1
Timberland Guide x1
Fervent Cathar x1
Riot Ringleader x1
Kessig Malcontents x1
Trusted Forcemage x2
Borderland Ranger x1
Hound of Griselbrand x1
Archwing Dragon x1
Druid's Familiar x1
Raging Poltergeist x1
Wildwood Geist x1
Pathbreaker Wurm x1
Gang of Devils x1

Artifact Spells
Vanguard's Shield x1
Angelic Armaments x1
Vessel of Endless Rest x1

Other Spells
Dangerous Wager x1
Malicious Intent x1
Thunderbolt x1
Triumph of Ferocity x1
Vigilante Justice x1
Aggravate x1
Blessings of Nature x1

Mountain x8
Forest x8

Comments: Kessig Malcontents was a useful card with this deck. I dealt three direct damage when it entered by having two other humans in the field. Trusted Forcemage was always a good card to have because Soulbond gave it and its paired creature +1/+1 which helped when pairing it with Hound of Griselbrand.I tried to do a Nightshade Peddler and Pathbreaker Wurm Soulbond combo, but I had to pass on that to defend myself better with existing creatures. Angelic Armaments is a very useful card, especially on a Wildwood Geist, but I didn't ever get to do that. Dangerous Wager comes into great use when you don't have a great hand with a couple cards left and you want something else that you don't have now or isn't on the field. Since I didn't play much with this deck, I can't really evaluate how well everything works together, but with all the Soulbonds going around, it probably would have worked well, but I do know that Blessings of Nature for its Miracle cost is amazing.

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