Monday, May 28, 2012

Planechase 2012 Drops This Friday!

So, as of early this morning, every single card from Planechase 2012 has been revealed. So that is a total of 40 plane/phenomenon cards and an undetermined number of cards used in the decks (some cards are used in multiple boxes).

So... without time to properly review all of the planes and cards, I think I'll just post a link to the official previews:

Monday, May 21, 2012

On the Agenda for 2012 Releases -

So we have four releases this summer and then one more remaining this year (that has been revealed thus far)

Planechase 2012
 So with this set, we have four packs, each with a 60 card deck and a 10 card planar deck. Each will sell for about $20, so if you buy all four, you will be spending about $80. It will pretty much follow along the lines of the original Planechase, but instead of 10 over-sized plane cards, there will be 8 over-sized cards and 2 over-sized phenomenon cards (which can randomly cause a permanent game change like rotating turn order)

Planechase 2012 will be released on June 1st. Go ahead and pre-order it from your local store. In my current location, if I pre-order, I get all 4 for $64 instead of $80. So check those stores!

Core 2013 (M13)
There will be multicolored cards for the first time in a core set, but this set is supposed to preview the next block, which is Return to Ravnica. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker is confirmed to be a card in this set and "Cathedral of War" will be the "buy a box" promo card. There is a chance this set will have shocklands (lands that cause you to lose two life to play them untapped), but if not, they will most like be found in the Return to Ravnica set.

Prerelease events are July 7 and 8, Release date is July 13, Game Days are August 4 and August 5.

From the Vault: Realms
A 15 card set to be released on August 31, and will cost $35. All cards are foil and have not been released since 8th edition. As "Realms" indicates, they will be lands and seven of them should be redesigned with new artwork.

Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari
This release follows with Return to Ravnica featuring two of the guilds: Izzet (Blue/Red) and the Golgari (Black/Green). So you can pretty much guess what colors you will have. My prediction is that we will have "Izzet Boilerworks", "Golgari Rot Farm", "Izzet Signet", and "Golgari Signet" as card within these two decks. "Savra, Queen of the Golgari" and "Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind" will probably also be included.

As with more Duel Decks, price will most likely be $20.

Release will be on September 7th.

Return to Ravnica
The last set of the year, there will be 274 cards focusing on a multicolor theme to match the guilds. Prerelease events will be on September 29 - 30, release date is October 5, and Game Day events will be October 27 - 28.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avacyn Restored Intro Packs

I got an Avacyn Restored Variety Pack on Monday, which I of course had to open everything before making any kind of post. So here it is: The Avacn Restored Intro Packs with full deck list:

Angelic Might - White/Green

Herald of War x1 (FOIL)
Archangel x1
Angel of Glory's Rise x1
Voice of the Provinces x1
Goldnight Redeemer x1
Serra Angel x2
Seraph of Dawn x2
Emancipation Angel x2
Borderland Ranger x3
Timberland Guide x1
Angelic Wall x2
Gideon's Lawkeeper x2
Cathedral Sanctifier x2

Other Spells
Defy Death x1
Builder's Blessing x1
Triumph of Ferocity x1
Oblivion Ring x1
Angel's Tomb x2
Rampant Growth x2
Defang x2
Righteous Blow x2
Scroll of Avacyn x1
Bladed Bracers x1

Forest x11
Plains x13
Seraph Sanctuary x1

Solitary Fiends - Blue/Black

Lone Revenant x1 (FOIL)
Havengul Skaab x1
Renegade Demon x2
Marrow Bats x2
Mist Raven x2
Undead Executioner x2
Corpse Traders x1
Fettergeist x2
Crypt Keeper x1
Alchemist's Apprentice x3

Other Spells
Demonic Rising x1
Homicidal Seclusion x1
Into the Void x2
Triumph of Cruelty x1
Essence Harvest x2
Frost Breath x2
Crippling Chill x2
Doom Blade x2
Peel from Reality x2
Tormentor's Trident x2
Swiftfoot Boots x1
Predator's Gambit x1

Swamp x13
Island x11

Slaughterhouse - Black/Red

Harvester of Souls x1 (FOIL)
Gang of Devils x1
Maalfeld Twins x1
Raging Poltergeist x2
Demon Lord of Ashmouth x1
Havengul Vampire x1
Evernight Shade x2
Driver of the Dead x1
Soulcage Fiend x3
Demonic Taskmaster x2
Bloodflow Connoisseur x1
Reassembling Skeleton x2
Butcher Ghoul x3
Blood Artist x1
Goblin Arsonist x2
Hunted Ghoul x1

Other Spells
Grave Exchange x2
Barter in Blood x2
Unhallowed Pack x1
Fling x2
Bone Splinters x2
Scroll of Griselbrand x1

Mountain x12
Swamp x13

Fiery Dawn - Red/White

Zealous Conscripts x1 (FOIL)
Goldnight Commander x2
Devout Chaplain x1
Benalish Veteran x2
Riot Ringleader x3
Manic Vandal x1
Kessig Malcontents x2
Thraben Valiant x2
Moorland Inquisitor x2
Kruin Striker x2
Elite Vanguard x2
Somberwald Vigilante x1

Other Spells
Fireball x1
Cathar's Crusade x1
Commander's Authority x1
Vigilante Justice x2
Thatcher Revolt x3
Angelic Armaments x1
Zealous Strike x1
Pacifism x1
Incinerate x2
Pillar of Flame x1
Banner's Raised x1

Plains x12
Mountain x12

Bound by Strength - Green/Blue

Wolfir Silverheart x1 (FOIL)
Deadeye Navigator x1
Vorstclaw x2
Pathbreaker Wurm x1
Acidic Slime x1
Geist Trappers x1
Elgaud Shieldmate x2
Flowering Lumberknot x2
Druid's Familiar x2
Latch Seeker x2
Wolfir Avenger x1
Trusted Forcemage x3
Tandem Lookout x2
Runeclaw BEar x1
Nightshade Peddler x2
Wingcrafter x2
Nephalia Smuggler x1
Llanowar Elves x2

Other Spells
Overrun x1
Lair Delve x2
Ice Cage x1
Join Assault x2

Island x12
Forest x13

Overall Comments:
I really like how the cards in the Avacyn Restored Intro Packs are about 96% (not a mathematical computation, but a rough estimate) from Avacyn Restored while the rest, like cards like Acidic Slime and Oblivion Ring, are from M12. These are some really good intro packs, and I personally might use a couple of them at future Friday Night Magic events. Of all five, I don't know if I can choose a favorite since all of them seem really good to me. Since I'm more of a white sort of person, I probably would have to go with the White/Green and Red/White decks. The White/Red has a couple combos I'm using in a red/blue deck I plan to use really soon, but the White/Green deck is an angel deck which I have considered building for a few days now out of my Avacyn Restored booster packs I got in the variety pack (50 total: 5 from the intro packs, 9 from the fat pack, and 36 from the booster box).

Red/Green Deck of entirely Avacyn Restored Cards

So based on my two red/green decks from the two pre-release events I attended, I figured I would build a deck that combined both as well as the extra cards I pulled from the booster packs I won. So here we have a red/green Soulbond deck (with some burn spells in there...)

Creature Spells
Lightning Mauler x2
Nightshade Peddler x3
Timberland Guide x2
Hanweir Lancer x3
Kessig Malcontents x1
Trusted Forcemage x3
Heirs of Stromkirk x1
Hound of Griselbrand x1
Raging Poltergeist x1
Zealous Conscripts x1
Wildwood Geist x4
Pathbreaker Wurm x1
Vorstclaw x1
Howlgeist x1

Artifact Spells
Bladed Bracers x3
Tormentor's Trident x1
Vaguard's Shield x1
Angelic Armaments x1
Moonsilver Spear x1

Other Spells
Pillar of Flame x2
Thunderbolt x2
Natural End x1
Demolish x2
Blessing of Nature x1

Mountain x10
Forest x10

I personally think this is a great deck for Standard play, although I never have had the opportunity to play it in such a capacity. Maybe I'll try that out in a couple of weeks at my next Friday Night Magic.