Monday, June 18, 2012

Five Standard Decks YOU Can Build

So I'm about to dismantle a few decks I built in order to attempt to make a really badass deck. In order to preserve the deck lists permanently, I'm posting them here. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my Bant Planeswalker Deck, my Black/Red Burn Deck, my Blue/Red Human Thief Burning Control Deck (also my "Let's See How Many Descriptive Words I Can Throw In Here Deck"), my Red/Green Soulbond/Pure Avacyn Restored Deck, and last but not least, my White/Black Angels & Demons Deck.

Bant Planeswalker Deck

Cathedral Sanctifier x1
Birds of Paradise x1
Angelic Wall x1
Invisible Stalker x1
Dawntreader Elk x1
Fiend Hunter x1
Borderland Ranger x1
Thraben Sentry x1
Beguiler of Wills x1

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad x1
Garruk, Primal Hunter x1
Elspeth Tirel x1

Plains x5
Island x5
Forest x5
Glacial Fortress x1
Drowned Catacomb x1
Darkslick Shores x1
Sunpetal Grove x1
Isolated Chapel x1
Hinterland Harbor x1
Shimmering Grotto x1

Darksteel Axe x1
Elixir of Immortality x1
Trepanation Blade x1
Vessel of Endless Rest x1
Elbrus, the Binding Blade x1

Other Spells
Abundant Growth x1
Reclaim x2
Ghostform x1
Jace's Erasure x1
Mana Leak x2
Naturalize x2
Titanic Growth x1
Oblivion Ring x2
Remember the Fallen x1
Timely Reinforcements x1
Curse of the Bloody Tome x1
Clinging Mists x2
Dreadwaters x1
Levitation x1
Blessings of Nature x1
Temporal Mastery x1

Dream Twist x1
Mutagenic Growth x1
Favorable Winds x1
Flashfreeze x1
Ghostform x1
Negate x1
Plummet x1
Redirect x1
Wall of Tanglecord x1
Village Bell-Ringer x1
Bone to Ash x1
Master Thief x1
Slayer of the Wicked x1
Witchbane Orb x1
Bountiful Harvest x1

This deck has multiple purposes. For instance, the planeswalkers add creatures, there are exile cards, milling, and just full on attack. Since it is a three/four color deck, the Vessel of Endless Rest, Birds of Paradise, and dual colored lands are there to handle mana issues. Ideal first hand is three mana, hopefully a Plains, Island, and Forest, but a dual land is also good to have. Keeping your first hand depends a lot on mana color and card colors...

Black/Red Burn Deck

Sorin Markov x1

Swamp x12
Mountain x8
Evolving Wilds x1
Stensia Bloodhall x1
Dragonskull Summit x1

Other Spells
Bump in the Night x2
Tragic Slip x4
Shock x4
Doom Blade x1
Incinerate x4
Sorin's Thirst x2
Act of Treason x2
Brimstone Volley x4
Fires of Undeath x2
Melt Terrain x4
Maw of the Mire x1
Thunderous Wrath x1
Killing Wave x3
Fireball x1

Nihil Spellbomb x1
Death Mark x1
Doom Blade x1
Circle of Flame x1
Combust x4
Grasp of Darkness x2
Fires of Undeath x2
Volt Charge x2
Lava Axe x1

Obviously this deck was built for killing. Ideal first turn is a Swamp plus a Bump in the Night. There would be more of those, but I only have two... Alternatively, two Shocks with a Mountain and Swamp, then a Bump as your second turn draw is ideal. Two turns with 7 direct damage. Only thing better is third turn playing two more Shocks and the other Bump. 14 damage in 3 turns. Easy pickings from there. Never experienced this though...

Blue/Red Human Thief Burning Control Deck

Beguiler of Wills x1
Rage Thrower x1

Mountain x11
Island x6
Sulfur Falls x1
Shimmering Grotto x1
Cavern of Souls x1

Venser's Journal x1

Other Spells
Pillar of Flame x4
Jace's Erasure x3
Mana Leak x4
Negate x4
Traitorous Blood x4
Thatcher Revolt x4
Geist Snatch x4
Demolish x4
Vigilante Justice x4
Reforge the Soul x1
Mind Unbound x1

Mystic Retrieval x2
Raging Poltergeist x3
Uncanny Speed x4
Crush x2
Scourge of Geier Reach x1
Melt Terrain x3

So this deck is about control, dealing damage fast, stealing opponent's creatures, and, well, a small amount of milling, specifically looking at Mind Unbound, Venser's Journal, and Jace's Erasure. If Mind Unbound makes it to even just 3, paired with all three Jace's Erasures, your opponent mills 12 (3x3, then the 1x3 you normally draw). 5 turns of that and your opponent is done, but it gets better! by 3, 25 cards are milled in total, by 4, 41 are milled, and by that point, they are as good as gone given that Mind Unbound cost 6 and each Jace's Erasure cost 2, so probably a lot more was milled and/or played by the time you mill someone by 41 cards in 4 turns.

Red/Green Soulbond/Pure Avacyn Restored Deck

Nightshade Peddler x3
Hanweir Lancer x3
Kessig Malcontents x2
Zealous Conscripts x2
Wildwood Geist x4
Pathbreaker Wurm x1
Vorstclaw x1

Mountain x10
Forest x10
Cavern of Souls x1

Bladed Bracers x2
Angelic Armaments x1
Moonsilver Spear x1

Other Spells
Pillar of Flame x4
Joint Assault x2
Thunderbolt x2
Thatcher Revolt x2
Demolish x2
Vigilante Justice x2
Blessings of Nature x3
Thunderous Wrath x2

Lightning Mauler x2
Thunderbolt x2
Grounded x2
Terrifying Presence x2
Natural End x2
Demolish x2
Blessings of Nature x1
Rain of Thorns x2

So the purpose of this deck was simple, soulbond to everything, and burn everything else. This deck actually works out pretty okay. Not the best, but none of the decks here are. They could all be improved, but a couple of them are pretty well off for the moment.

White/Black Angels & Demons Deck

Angelic Wall x2
Soulcage Fiend x3
Angel of Jubilation x1
Seraph of Dawn x2
Renegade Demon x2
Aegis Angel x1
Goldnight Redeemer x1
Harvester of Souls x1
Requiem Angel x1
Griselbrand  x1

Plains x9
Swamp x6
Isolated Chapel x1
Seraph Sanctuary x4

Scroll of Avacyn x2
Scroll of Griselbrand x2
Vessel of Endless Rest x4

Other Spells
Righteous Blow x2
Defang x2
Unhallowed Pact x2
Mental Agony x2
Defy Death x3
Demonic Rising x1
Exquisite Blood x1
Death Wind x4

Nihil Spellbomb x1
Appetite for Brains x2
Gruesome Deformity x2
Defang x2
Moment of Heroism x2
Lingering Souls x2
Smite the Monstrous x1
Goldnight Redeemer x1
Banishing Stroke x2

Either the decks I went up against were better, or this deck just sucked. I built this last week and played with it at Friday Night Magic. Oops. Lost all the games. Won a promo, but lost all the games. Did pretty well in the beginning, but some of the higher powered stuff that was pulled out on me hurt in all the games. Played decks I've never seen before. One of them had four M11 foil promo Birds of Paradise, four Cavern of Souls, and just sucked... Another was all Vampires, and the others had Etched Champions and a Darksteel Plate, as well as a Karn and three Vault of the Archangel. Maybe the other decks were just better...

That's why I'm pulling out all the stops on the deck I'm planning, that is so big, a couple of these decks in this post need to go. What is going? The Planeswalker deck, the Red/Blue deck, and the White/Black deck. What am I doing? I'm gonna experiment with a White/Blue/Black deck involving Delver, a bit of Snapcaster, and Ponder. This will definitely be an interesting deck if I can pull it off...

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