Monday, July 9, 2012

M13 Pre-release Deck

So I only went to the midnight pre-release party we had at my local shop, and this happened right after Friday Night Magic. So I spent about 8 hours playing Magic Friday evening/Saturday Morning and the hour or more between them I spent trading cards.

If this tells you anything, out of 18, I came in 9th. I'm happy with that. I won one pack for coming in 9th, and I got a mythic rare out of the pack, so I can't complain. I also pulled three mythic rares when opening the prerelease packs I got.

The pack I won, I got a regular Thundermaw Hellkite. One of the mythics I pulled from the packs was a Vampire Nocturnus. The other two I put in my deck. All in all, four mythics in one night, out of seven packs (by the way, one of the mythics was a foil card, so I got 4 rares and 4 mythics out of seven packs)

So, here is my deck (note, I chose to use 52 cards instead of the minimum of 40):

War Falcon x1
Goblin Arsonist x1
Chronomaton x1
Ajani's Sunstriker x1
Aven Squire x1
War Priest of Thune x1
Torch Fiend x1
Wall of Fire x1
Intrepid Hero x1
Reckless Brute x1
Rummaging Goblin x1
Sublime Archangel (Mythic Rare & Foil) x1
Griffin Protector x1
Healer of the Pride x2
Bladetusk Boar x1
Goblin Battle Jester x1
Fire Elemental x1
Battleflight Eagle x1

Chandra, the Firebrand x1

Elixir of Immortality x1
Ring of Valkas x2

Other Spells
Rain of Blades x1
Show of Valor x1
Safe Passage x1
Flames of the Firebrand x1
Mark of Mutiny x1
Angel's Mercy x2
Captain's Call x1
Cleaver Riot x1

Plains x10
Mountain x10

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