Monday, July 23, 2012

More Unboxing Videos

Sorry, I did not get the opportunity to put the videos up here as promised last week, but here they are:

Deck Builder's Toolkit 2013

M13 Fatpack

M13 Booster Box Part 1

M13 Booster Box Part 2

Also, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has watched my videos. All of my unboxing videos for the Intro Packs are above 1,000 views with the Path to Victory (W/U) having over 2,100 views! At the time I wrote this, my videos for MTG have 8,790 views. I also have 43 subscribers, but had a few already due to my one Minecraft video.

Additionally, every MTG video I upload, there is one person who gives it a thumbs down immediately. In case you look at my videos and notice all but two MTG videos have exactly one thumbs down. I'm not sure why this one person is within the first 3 views and always gives it that vote, but I wish I knew who it was and why they look at the video just to vote it down.

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