Monday, July 16, 2012

Return to Ravnica (But it isn't October Yet!)

There will be two posts this week, folks: this post with details about the pre-release for Return to Ravnica and then a post either late today or sometime tomorrow with videos for M13 booster box, fat pack, and deck builder's toolkit unboxing.

So, let's start with this post: On October 5th, Return to Ravnica comes out, but for the pre-release for this, and also Gatecrash, the second set in the block, you will get to choose a Guild to play as. By choosing your guild, you get Guild specific cards, including a promo, a pack with cards only of your colors (plus five normal booster packs), a sticker for your guild, a spindown for your guild, the promo that cooresponds with your chosen guild, and a letter from the leader of your guild. Having not been around with MTG when Ravnica was here (I'm fairly new but learned really quickly even to know everything about MTG that people that started before me don't even know. People who have been playing for years have no clue what Unglued and Unhinged are, nor do they know what a Black Lotus is... But I digress...), I don't know the complete idea, but I have learned that the five guilds involved in Return to Ravnica are Azorious Senate (White/Blue), Cult of Rakdos (Black/Red), Selesnya Conclave (White/Green), Golgari Swarm (Black/Green), and Izzet League (Blue/Red). Gatecrash, which is expected in January/February, will have the remaining five guilds: House Dimir (Blue/Black), Gruul Clans (Red/Green), Orzhov Syndicate (White/Black), Boros Legion (White/Red), and Simic Combine (Blue/Green). Gatecrash is a smaller set, like Dark Ascension was in the Innistrad block, yet it still has five guilds. "Sinker," the third set in the block, will include all ten guilds. No word yet how those pre-releases will play out or how big that set will be. Around the release of Return to Ravnica, the Izzet vs. Golgari Duel Decks will be coming out, so keep an eye out for those. RTR is looking really cool right now.

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