Monday, July 23, 2012

Return to Ravnica (But it isn't October Yet!) Part 2

Regarding the last post, I have one correction to make: I said Gatecrash will be a small set, when in fact it will be a large set like Return to Ravnica. "Sinker" will probably be the small set in this block.

Alright, so here is more information about Return to Ravnica:

There will be two planeswalkers, of which Jace will be one of them. Whether this will be a new one or a previously printed one is unknown. There is speculation that he may be multicolored (which seems to happen to the original five now, with Garruk going Green/Black with hi Innistrad card and Ajani having a White/Red version). This means we will have two Jace planeswalkers in Standard as well as two Liliana planeswalkers ("of the Veil" and "of the Dark Realms"). My theory is that if Jace is multicolored, he will probably be a Blue/Red planeswalker, given his connection with the Izzet League as seen in promotional art (Niv-Mizzet, leader of the Izzet League, is with Jace which may indicate a partnership or agreement between both of them).

RTR will also feature new ability words for each guild, and none of the previous ability words will return. Also, RTR will feature a legendary creature as the leader of each guild. So, for the five guilds we have for RTR, we will have the following legendary creatures, but no word on abilities, mana cost, or anything else...

Azorious Senate (W/U): Isperia (sphinx)
Cult of Rakdos (B/R): Rakdos (demon)
Selensya Conclave (W/G): Trostani (dryad)
Golgari Swarm (B/G): Jarad (zombie elf)
Izzet League (U/R): Niv-Mizzet (dragon)

Gatecrash will have the following legendary creatures with their respective guilds:

House Dimir (U/B): Lazav (shapeshifter)
Gruul Clans (R/G): Borborygmos (cyclops)
Orzhov Syndicate (W/B): Obzedat (spirits)
Boros Legion (W/R): Aurelia (angel)
Simic Combine (U/G): Zegana (merfolk)

These legendary creatures will also be mythic rare, so I wish you luck pulling them from packs when they come out. Art has already been released for these as well. I've had problems with putting some images in the blog posts, so I'll have to let you find it yourself if you wish. Whether or not these are reprints is not clear at the moment.

The only card that has not actually been revealed, but has to be in RTR, would be Birds of Paradise. BoP has been a staple throughout MTG, but has been in all core sets, including Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited, except for 9th Edition. Ravnica: City of Guilds came out three months after 9th Edition was released, and it contained BoP, so it can be assumed that it will be reprinted in RTR since it wasn't printed in M13.

I believe this is all I have on RTR and Gatecrash, but keep watching this blog on Mondays for any news.

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