Monday, August 27, 2012

Deck Tech #4: Affordable Vampire Deck

This deck may not be the best Vampire Deck out there, but I was asked to make an economical Black/Red Vampire deck. So Here is one deck that should cost under $15 if you buy the singles, but you probably have several cards from opening booster packs. If you want any rares or mythic rares, you'll have to add them yourself (and I recommend using Dragonskull Summit in place of a few lands too).

Here is the deck (and below is the video):

4x Bloodthrone Vampire
2x Vampire Nighthawk
2x Wall of Fire
1x Bloodflow Connoisseur
4x Markov Patrician
1x Heirs of Stromkirk
4x Duskmantle Prowler
1x Havengul Vampire
1x Nearheath Stalker

Basic Land
13x Swamp
11x Mountain

Other Spells
4x Crippling Blight
2x Searing Spear
4x Volcanic Strength
2x Tribute to Hunger
4x mark of the Vampire

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