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Deck Tech #6, Plus: 17 August 2012's FNM

First of all, I'd like to take a moment to thank this great guy I know, Kevin, who plays at FNM in my home town. He gave me a bit of advice for this blog, so I figured I'd take the advice he gave me. Here is a rough paraphrase of what he said:

  • My videos are good because of how I present them (I think I remember hearing this)
  • When people want to read about Magic, they want it presented, not a bland repetition of news.
So it is kind of/sort of clear as to what needs to happen: I need to write this blog similar to how I present the videos (SIDE NOTE: Despite messing about for two hours with some video programs, a good intro still isn't working out for my Youtube videos, so for another month or two, I'm without a "proper" intro. Maybe I'll do some ridiculous contest for a set of full art Zendikar land, or RTR boosters or something to the person who can create the best intro)

Let me begin by letting you know something somewhat cool... I have finally collected one of every card for the Avacyn Restored set. It took almost 3.5 months, but I did it, without buying a set. It was through packs, trades, and a few individual card purchases that I hadn't pulled after a lot of packs.

Second: I bought 5 booster packs. There were 8 left in the M13 box, and I carefully weighed the packs in my hands, examined the packs, and chose them. Based on the weight (which I can somewhat detect a slight variation between packs with a foil and packs without), I determined 3 of them had foils, and 2 of them didn't. It was actually the other way around. 2 with, 3 without. So I was 67% accurate with determining foils then. In one of these packs, I had a foil Revive (uncommon green) with a Worldfire (mythic rare red) in one pack, and my other pack with a foil? A foil Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker. So far, this is the third foil mythic I have opened from M13. First was Sublime Archangel at the M13 pre-release I went to, second was a Thundermaw Hellkite  from a booster in my Path to Victory intro pack, and then this. I'm happy with this. Those three foil mythics combined, according to Star City Games, equal $105. Of course, as a collector, I wouldn't sell (Thundermaw Hellkite was an exception. Sold it for $40, got a replacement on eBay for $31.11 + free shipping. Earned a very nice $8.89 on MTG cards so far... Of course, this is before foil dropped from about $60 to $35.) Just felt like sharing...

Third: I came in 8 out of 25 for the deck I'm going to put details on here. First match, won 2-1, second match lost 0-2 (but got some great advice on the deck from my opponent, whom I had met at FNM but during all the past 6+ months I have never ever played. Kind of fitting for my last time), third match was a 1-2 loss, fourth match was a 2-1 win, and the last match was a 2-1 win. It was one of my better decks (and ironically was for my girlfriend to use tonight. She decided she didn't want to play, so I used the deck I built for her).

Deck Tech #6: White/Red "Boros" Angels

First, before I start hearing cries of "Restoration Angel!", I should have you know they are all in another deck. A good, other deck. Hopefully this good other deck will fare well for my friend who will be using it. Also, this deck obviously doesn't fit with the "still legal in Return to Ravnica" thing I'm doing. I used what I had to make a deck and in some cases, I was just like "what the hell, this might be my last chance to do something like this unless I find myself playing in Extended."

So, here goes:

2x Cathedral Sanctifier
4x Angelic Wall
2x Emancipation Angel
2x Attended Knight
2x Seraph of Dawn
2x Serra Angel
1x Thundermaw Hellkite (I used the foil one...)
1x Aegis Angel (this will most likely be removed...)
2x Goldknight Redeemer
1x Requiem Angel
1x Gisela, Blade of Goldknight

Basic Land
10x Plains
8x Mountains

1x Cavern of Souls (obviously used for "Angels", but I did have to use it for "Humans" once, but planned to negate that by returning it to my hand with Emancipation Angel)
1x Clifftop Retreat (not buying any more dual lands. I'm good for now... I'll just wait for RTR and Gatecrash)
2x Evolving Wilds
1x Slayer's Stronghold

1x Chandra, the Firebrand (might take her out)
1x Gideon Jura (will take him out)

1x Sword of Body and Mind (helped me win a few games...)
2x Moonsilver Spear (high casting cost & equipping cost is high. Candidate for removal.)

Other Spells
4x Searing Spear
4x Oblivion Ring
1x Angelic Destiny (This + Thundermaw Hellkite = AWESOMENESS)
2x Angelic Benediction ("Angel" in card name =/= good for an angel deck)
1x Bonfire of the Damned (Bonfire for 1? Why would I do that? Kill those 1/1 mana dorks, that's why! And I couldn't miracle it that one time)

4x Moment of Heroism (never used these...)
4x Pacifism (never used these, but might have been good)
2x Seraph of Dawn (main deck was good with just the two in it)
1x Planar Cleansing (reset switch almost used it one game)
3x Thunderous Wrath (worked very nicely in my favor often, definitely goes in main deck...)

So, long story short, as you can tell by my notes, some things are not needed. Planeswalkers were good diversions, but not necessary. Sword of Body and Mind worked perfectly. Deck needs more Cavern of Souls, Thunderous Wrath belongs in the main deck, I need to put another Thundermaw Hellkite in here, and then another Slayer's Stronghold would do me some good.

I'll go ahead and update this deck in the future in another post, so keep watching for it. I'd like to hear your suggestions as well. Also, enjoy the Deck Tech video for this deck below:

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