Monday, August 13, 2012

Return to Ravnica (But it isn't October Yet!) Part 3

Rumors are flying all over the place about the set coming out in October. Some things are fake, but other things are without a doubt true. So what do we know so far?

Planeswalkers in Return to Ravnica & Gatecrash Rumors

FACT: Jace is one of the two planeswalkers in Return to Ravnica, and this will be a brand new card. 
RUMOR: Of course, there is a rumor out there that he costs UR (1 Blue and 1 Red), has 1 loyalty, +2, 0, and -7 abilities where -7 gives an emblem that deals damage. We don't know anything for certain, but if Jace is actually multi-colored, then he would be Blue/Red given his association with Niv-Mizzet, leader of the Izzet guild.

FACT: Gideon is one of two planeswalkers in Gatecrash. He is most likely getting a new card. It appears that he is affiliated with Boros, the White/Red guild, so he may very well be multicolored.

FACT: There will be 5 planeswalkers in this block (as is typical of each block these days), and we know that they are as such in the block: 2-2-1. This means that since Jace is in RTR, then there is one more planeswalker, same with Gideon in Gatecrash. So we know two of the five planeswalkers.

MondayMorningMTG Speculation: Given that there is a Blue/Green planeswalker, Kiora Atua, a merfolk who debuted in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, and since Simic is in Gatecrash, and is also controlled by a merfolk, then we may have our first Blue/Green planeswalker come February.

Guild Leaders Rumors

Despite what some websites say, each guild leader is a legendary creature and will be a NEW version. I've been looking around, and some poor souls think that Niv-Mizzet (pictured below) is being reprinted as Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind based off the Duel Deck. Niv-Mizzet gets a brand new card. Jarad never had a card in the original Ravnica block, so of course that card in the Izzet vs. Golgari Duel Deck is going to appear in Return to Ravnica.

Niv-Mizzet is not being reprinted in RTR
This guy is new. Not having a card in the original Ravnica Block means he is in RTR.

Rootborn Defenses Rumor

So someone supposedly pulled a card called "Rootborn Defenses" out of an M13 pack from a sealed box that he bought. I obviously haven't opened enough packs because I never got one of these. Jokes aside, this looks cool.

Rootborn Defenses has a Selesnya watermark.

So essentially, this card copies a creature token under your control, and then all your creatures are indestructible. You get one guy and protect the rest. Of course, some people pointed out a few problems with this card, which for all we know, it was not finalized.
Problems: 1) "LLC" is missing from beside "Wizards of the Coast" at the bottom. 2) The "Populate" keyword doesn't have the description right after it like most cards that explain keywords. 3) The set symbol looks different [Which I will explain as that the RTR set symbol was released showing the rare variety. Anything Uncommon and above enlarges the colored areas and the space between points. Think New Phyrexia and Innistrad. Set symbols look different in size based on rarity].

So far, it looks like we have some pretty awesome cards...

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