Monday, September 24, 2012

Most expensive cards of Return to Ravnica

This post is outdated. For up-to-date prices for the most expensive cards, please click here.

So once again, we find ourselves upon a post about the most expensive cards...


Blood Crypt (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5) Hallowed Fountain (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5) Overgrown Tomb (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5) Steam Vents (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5) Temple Garden (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

With the shockland reprinted, we have them ranging from about $12 to $20. So for the breakdown, Blood Crypt is about $12, Hallowed Fountain is about $15, Overgrown Tomb is about $20, Steam Vents is about $15, and Temple Garden is about $12.


Jace, Architect of Thought (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5) Vraska the Unseen (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

Alright, so we have two planeswalkers in this set... We have Jace, Architect of Thought coming in at about $30, which I don't quite understand... I don't see how it could be used in a game of Standard. He appears to be designed for a multiplayer game, and even then, I'm not quite so sure that his final ability is quite worth it... Personally, I'm not worried about playing anyone with these unless someone comes up with a stupid combo that actually makes him good in Standard. Vraska the Unseen on the other hand is the BEST planeswalker yet. Coming in at $40, you're three turns away from dropping three Assassins and only one of them needs to touch your opponent. Even the +1 ability is awesome. This will see play, and I think Vraska may actually go up in price... I'd expect it to hit $50 by December...

Everything Else

Abrupt Decay (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

Abrupt Decay is an awesome card for destruction and definitely helps by not being able to be countered... Currently listed as $20.

Angel of Serenity (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

I'm seeing another Restoration Angel, Cloudshift, Thragtusk combo coming with this card... Use a this to blink three Thragtusks, Cloudshift this, bring the Thragtusks back, exile them again, etc... Possibly in the end, an Oblivion Ring would end the blinking... Good card coming in at $15...

Armada Wurm (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

It's a wurm that creates another wurm that essentially copies itself and the copy is only green... Yeah... enough said about that... Definitely will be found in some blinking decks with Restoration Angel... Priced at $12...

Detention Sphere (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

This is a nice Oblivion Ring that has the same converted mana cost but takes out everything with the same name... Priced at $10...

Lotleth Troll (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

Interesting card... Starts as a 2/1, but any number of creature cards you discard, you could get +1/+1 counters. I like that... Discard a creature, then not only give a +1/+1, but you could do the Scavenge cost as well and add more counters... This looks fun... Priced at $10

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

Possibly the better Niv-Mizzet? Deal damage with him, draw a card... pay a blue and a red, and you deal 1 damage and thus draw a card... If you have 3 blue and three red, attack and not be blocked, then pay blue+red three times, you just drew four cards. Not a bad turn, I'd say. He's coming in at $10.


Deal X damage as determined in the cost, and they discard cards... This could work out pretty well... Priced at $15...

Rakdos, Lord of Riots (Pre-Order: Ships Oct 5)

And we have Rakdos himself... Deal damage to an opponent, cast him in your second main phase, he flies, he has trample, and for each damage an opponent takes, your creatures cost less? This is good, and he is only $10, yet the card above is $15? Someone got their prices mixed up... Or else Rakdos, Lord of Riots will go up in price...

Well, that's it for RTR cards that are $10 or more... There are plenty of cards under $10 that are great, but I'm just covering these for now...

I'd like to apologize to anyone following the blog (no subscribers, so I assume no one is following it) as I've been getting acclimated to college, I neglected to make posts... this is the first one I had time to do and even then, I have to run and grab a bus in about 10 minutes... So hope you enjoy this. I hope to get a couple more posts out and I plan to go to two pre-releases and film them, so keep checking my youtube channel for more videos...

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