Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One final deck using Scars of Mirrodin block cards before October 5th!

So I decided to build one last deck and it utilizes Myr in order to use Door to Nothingness. This is a fun deck I plan to use at the last FNM to include Scars of Mirrodin block cards in Standard. So here we go:

Basic Land
Plains x 8
Island x 3
Swamp x 3
Mountain x 3
Forest x 3

War Report x 2

Artifact Creatures
Gold Myr x 4
Silver Myr x 4
Leaden Myr x 3
Iron Myr x 4
Copper Myr x 4
Palladium Myr x 1
Myr Battlesphere x 2
Memnite x 3
Wurmcoil Engine x 1
Platinum Emperion x 1

Golden Urn x 3
Trigon of Mending x 2
Golem Foundry x 3
Myr Reservoir x 1
Mox Opal x 1
Door to Nothingness x 1

Honestly, if I had more Doors to Nothingness, I would have included at least one more. I only had 3 Leaden Myr, so I went with that, and the reason the basic land is a majority of white is to guarantee that War Report can be used. Myr are used solely as mana for the Door to Nothingness, but are used in the secondary win possibility of using Myr Battlesphere and tapping untapped Myr.

Deck works well on it's own based on mana draw and mana acceleration, but whether it works in a match is yet to be seen...

Hope you enjoy!


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