Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prerelease Deck #1: Izzet Any Good?

Sorry, Mark Rosewater started a thing about puns based on the Ravnica guilds, so I had to...

So, I opened the box up on camera, and now I'm going to show my deck (I got about 18 out of 52 people). Video will be uploaded later...

Izzet Deck:

Faerie Impostor x1
Crosstown Courier x 1
Frostburn Weird x2
Guttersnipe x1
Stealer of Secrets x1
Cobblebrute x1
Runewing x1
Hypersonic Dragon x1 (foil promo since you can use it in the prerelease!)
Minotaur Aggressor x2 (one foil, one regular)

Island x7 (1 from the original Ravnica and 6 from Zendikar)
Mountain x7 (all from original Ravnica)
Izzet Guildgate x1
Transguild Promenade x2

Other Spells
Mizzium Skin x1
Blustersquall x1
Downsize x1
Chemister's Trick x2
Izzet Charm x1
Pursuit of Flight x1
Essence Backlash x2
Inspiration x1
Traitourous Instinct x1
Survey the Wreckage x2
Explosive Impact x1

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