Friday, October 5, 2012

Prerelease Deck #2: Selesnya

Centaur's Herald x2
Trained Caracal x1
Centaur Healer x2
Selesnya Sentry x1
Wild Beastmaster x1
Armory Guard x1
Phantom General x1
Towering Indrik x1
Rubbleback Rhino x1

Civic Saber
Selesnya Keyrune

Forest x6
Plains x6
Selesnya Guildgate x2
Grove of the Guardian x1 (in foil promo style)

Other Spells
Giant Growth x1
Ethereal Armor x1
Soul Tithe x1
Druid's Deliverance x2
Selesnya Charm x1
Sundering Growth x1
Common Bond x1
Avenging Arrow x1
Chorus of Might x1
Knightly Valor x2

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