Monday, December 31, 2012

Deck Color Names

So, I've had some thoughts on the Magic color names. So, obviously there are five basic colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
After that, you have the paired colors in Ally and Enemy colors.


  • "Azorious" (White/Blue)
  • "Dimir" (Blue/Black)
  • "Rakdos" (Black/Red)
  • "Gruul" (Red/Green)
  • "Selesnya"(Green/White)


  • "Orzhov" (White/Black)
  • "Golgari" (Black/Green)
  • "Simic" (Green/Blue)
  • "Izzet" (Blue/Red)
  • "Boros" (Red/White)

So far, that's 15 different types of decks. But... we haven't done tri-colors yet. There are two varieties of those... Shards and Wedges. Shards are taken from the names from Shards of Alara and are allied colors (the two colors are allied to the middle color), and then Wedges are enemy colored tri-color decks. So, here we go:


  • "Bant" (Green/White/Blue)
  • "Esper" (White/Blue/Black)
  • "Grixis" (Blue/Black/Red)
  • "Jund" (Black/Red/Green)
  • "Naya" (Red/Green/White)


Based on the comments section and the popularity of this post, I'm actually going to errata the section on the wedges... These names come from Apocalypse of which there were cycles involving these names with cards interacting with these colors from the enemy color of the allied colors in the pair (i.e. Dega related cards are white, but have effects involving red and black).

Thanks to Tristamicus for letting us all know about this.

UPDATE: Due to Khans of Tarkir's spoilers, we know the "official" names that Wizards of the Coast has created for the Khans block.
  • (Black/White/Red)
  • "RUG" (Red/Blue/Green)
  • "Junk" (Green/Black/White)
  • "America" (White/Red/Blue) [Actually, technically it should be Red/White/Blue, but look at the back of a MTG card. you'll see the order I'm doing this...]
  • (Blue/Green/Black)
  • (Black/White/Red) - Dega
  • (Red/Blue/Green) - Ceta, currently commonly called "RUG"
  • (Green/Black/White) - Necra, currently called "Junk" or "Rock" (but Rock also refers to Black/Green)
  • (White/Red/Blue) - Raka, now commonly called "America" but may be different around the world.
  • (Blue/Green/Black) - Ana, but now commonly called "BUG"
  • (White/Black/Green) - Abzan (Junk/Rock)
  • (Blue/Red/White) - Jeskai (America)
  • (Black/Green/Blue) - Sultai (BUG)
  • (Red/White/Black) - Mardu
  • (Green/Blue/Red) - Temur (RUG)

Now, there are names for everything, except Kaalia of the Vast's colors and the Mimeoplasm's colors. Technically "RUG" isn't a real name since it is abbreviations of the color names, but it kind of stuck... Yeah... I want names for those... I have no idea what to call them, so... yeah...

Next are the four colors combined and the five color deck. Very few people would ever play four colors together unless they splash something for flashback (Bant control with Lingering Souls anyone?), yet in Dissension, 5 creatures of the type Nephilim were created for 4 colors...

Nephilim Colors

  • White/Blue/Black/Red (Yore-Tiller Nephilim)
  • Blue/Black/Red/Green (Glint-Eye Nephilim)
  • Black/Red/Green/White (Dune-Brood Nephilim)
  • Red/Green/White/Blue (Ink-Treader Nephilim)
  • Green/White/Blue/Black (Witch-Maw Nephilim)
No names for those types of decks either, but people rarely do an outright four color deck. Now... for the last deck color type:


  • Kaleidoscope/Five-Color (White/Blue/Black/Red/Green)

See, names for everything except the five four-color decks and two of the Wedge colors (three if you count "RUG", but I don't...)

So, there are names for everything except for the four-color decks, but the Nephilim happen to have been the only time four color creatures were made, and some people at Wizards of the Coast believe that they should have been made legendary (then we'd have some pretty cool EDH decks).

Perhaps we should get some names for them. And hopefully some four-color legendary creatures are created... Any thoughts? Post in the comments below!


  1. Ana = UGB = BUG
    Ceta = RUG
    Dega = WBR
    Necra = BGW = Junk
    Raka = RUW = America

    Those names are for all the Wedges, and come from Apocalypse. :D

  2. That is very interesting... Although, I believe Junk and America are the current nicknames, it appears that you are correct as to the actual names. I'm still going to call my White/Black/Green deck a "Junk" deck though. I don't know how many people would know the Apocalypse names, or even if anyone I meet at FNM even played around that time.

  3. what is Red, Black, White name?

    1. Tristamicus called it Dega (which is the name from Apocalypse for that color combination). There isn't a specific name I've heard people use to describe it.


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