Monday, January 28, 2013

Dragon's Maze Prerelease?

I'm noticing a theme. WotC is doing guild packs for all of the sets in the Return to Ravnica block. But get this... These boxes have what it takes to build the guild in it and another. I'm curious what this means, but I'm thinking guilds will be turning into three color guilds (which can be done based on allied and enemy wedges). So that means Azorius may have the ability to work for either Simic, Orzhov, or Izzet. More details will hopefully come soon.

EDIT: Based on the updated information from Wizards of the Coast, it is a secret guild in the pack with the one you choose. And something to note is that if you choose Azorious (since that is our example), it will be a guild with one of the colors. And on top of that, the guild will not be from the same set. So, Azorious can be Orzhov or Boros (White) or it can be Dimir or Simic (Blue). Additionally, the packs inside will be four Dragon's Maze packs, and will be the guild booster of the guild you chose (pretty much the same thing from RTR or GTC) and then one guild booster of your secret guild. They will not have the promos from RTR or GTC in them.

But wait's there's more!

We go back to the same "Everyone gets this one promo and you can't play it!" routine as before RTR. What a shame...

EDIT: I'm a bit confused by it, but Wizards said that the Dragon's Maze promo will be in the guild packs, but can't use it. So you get two?

But wait, there's more!

None of the booster packs in these boxes contain basic land. What does this mean? We get guildgates in the place of basic land. So guildgates will be reprinted in the same block under the Dragon's Maze symbol this time.

But wait, there's more!

Not only will the basic land slot be replaced with guildgates (which are considered commons), the slot could instead be filled by a shockland (using the RTR ot GTC symbols). This is only done by rarity, so guildgates are more likely, but shocklands are also possible, and you'd probably have a better chance at getting one then you would pulling it from the rare slot.

But wait, there's more!

If guildgates and shocklands will be in place of basic land, why not throw in a Dragon's Maze mythic rare land in that slot in some packs too! This will be the second mythic rare land to ever be printed (I am NOT counting From the Vault: Realms or Strip Mine from FTV: Exiled. They may be the mythic rare color, but they are only expensive boxes of shiny. That and they've never been legal in Standard. All lands from FTV were originally printed as rares or less, so that's what I consider them to be). What was the first? Eye of Ugin from Worldwake of course!

Eye of Ugin

But wait, there's more!

By now you have to be wondering what the hell could also be included in the prerelease for Dragon's Maze. Well, remember the Helvault from Avacyn Restored? Guild members work together to get through the "Implicit Maze" and the guild that wins gets special stuff. Once the maze in completed, all players who participated in the prerelease will also get a foil basic land promo.

Why do I get the feeling this is focusing a bit more on the land and they're also hiding basic land from us for a reason. Like maybe we'll see some full-art lands again? That'd be awesome. Why else would we not get basic land in our prerelease boosters, and then we get a special foil basic land promo? It creates hype, yes, but WHY? Think about it, and please feel free to comment with your opinions on the matter below. I think we'll see full-art land. Well, I hope anyway.

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