Monday, January 7, 2013

Gatecrash Spoilers part 5

Skullcrack looks like it is similar to Havoc Festival, but only occurs for the one turn and also deals damage to a player, all for two mana. I predict this will be a staple for burn decks.
Our second guildmage revealed, Duskmantle Guildmage, is from the Dimir guild and costs one blue and one black mana to cast. The first ability makes an opponent lose one life if they put a card in their graveyard this turn (this stacks, so milling adds up). The other ability is a mill ability that for four mana, makes target opponent put the top two cards from their library to their graveyard. Pretty good.
Elusive Krasis is just a three mana 0/4 that is unblockable and has Evolve. I think I see a good opportunity for a blue/black/green unblockable deck now... Good card, if you ask me.
High Priest of Penance costs two mana, is a 1/1, and when it is deal damage, you can destroy a nonland permanent. Not too bad... I could see it in a deck, but I doubt I would see it in too many decks.
Skyknight Legionnaire is a three mana creature that is 2/2 with flying and haste. Boros is looking good if this is just a common...


Orzhov Guildgate  Dimir Guildgate
Gruul Guildgate Boros Guildgate Simic Guildgate

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