Monday, March 25, 2013

Dragon's Maze Previews and "Friends" Block Update

Dragon's Maze

From PAX East over the weekend, we were given many updates as to the future of Magic. First and foremost, we have two new cards to check out. We have Ruric Thar, the Unbowed as well as Maze's End. We'll get to Ruric Thar later. The important thing is to get Maze's End, you either need to get it at the prerelease, or pull it in the land slot from a booster pack. Of course, the Maze's End card here is only the foil alternate art promo. The art for the actual card is below these two official card images.

Ruric Thar, The Unbowed - Dragon's Maze Spoilers    Maze's End - Dragon Maze Spoiler

Owly Images

New Rare Legendary GUILD CHAMPIONS

There will be ten rare legendary creatures in Dragon's Maze. They are part of a cycle called "Guild Champions" and since there is a literal maze in Ravnica, I can only assume that each guild champion is the member of each guild chosen to participate in some sort of contest revolving around the maze. That's my theory anyway, but it's only logical... Here are their pictures and names (as revealed at PAX East)

Teysa, Envy of Ghosts (Orzhov)

Ruric Thar, The Unbowed (Gruul)

Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker (Dimir)

Lavinia of the Tenth (Azorious)

Vorel of the Hull Clade (Simic)

Emmara Tandris (Selesnya)

Tajic, Blade of the Legion (Boros)

Varolz, the Scan-Striped (Golgari)

Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch (Rakdos)

Melek, Izzet Paragon (Izzet)

New Guildgate Art

Well, technically it isn't new art, just "zoomed out" art. Essentially the original guildgates are only partial portions of the full guildgate art, which will now be used for the Dragon's Maze versions.

Boros Guildgate

Golgari Guildgate

Simic Guildgate

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

It's official! The Friends set is named Theros. Romans is Born of the Gods. Countrymen is Journey into Nyx. I may have predicted Journey into Nyx wrong, but it was still a new set name. Theros was originally a place in Dragonlance in Dungeons and Dragons which is also made by Wizards of the Coast. But hey, nw we know all three names!

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