Monday, April 22, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers & Monday Morning MTG Updates

So all the cards for Dragon's Maze have now been revealed. Want to check them all out? Click here.

As a college student has exams starting Saturday, I don't have time to run through them all and talk about them, what they'll be good for, or how useful they will be. Just know that I am definitely looking forward to Dragon's Maze being released and that I will definitely be using some of these cards in a few of my decks.

Speaking of this weekend, April 27 and 28, the Dragon's Maze prereleases will be taking place. Be sure to check with your local game store to find out when they will be holding the event, how much entry is, and if they let you, reserve your guild. All you have to do then is show up, pay, and get free promos and the cards in the boosters you purchased for the event.

I will definitely be attending at least two events this weekend. My store has them at 11, 1, and 4 on Saturday, but due to an exam I have, I may wind up missing the one at 11.

Depending on how many I attend, be sure to expect videos of them from me. I'll be opening the boxes, but won't be doing the decks, so you'll just have to wait until Monday, April 29 for the deck lists. Videos should hopefully be done and uploaded to YouTube on Sunday.

Also speaking of Dragon's Maze, be sure to look for my unboxing videos on May 4 or May 5. I'll be opening everything May 4, but may not be able to get videos uploaded by the end of the day.

One last thing to say: I now have a page to replace the blog posts for the most expensive cards from Avacyn Restored and Return to Ravnica. In fact, it includes all sets currently in Standard and I plan to update once every two weeks at least. Check out that page here.

As always, this is being completely run by me on my own money, as are the unboxing videos on YouTube. I get no funding from anyone, so if you like the blog and the videos, please donate! Thank you.

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