Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers Part 2

That's right, we're doing overtime here at Monday Morning MTG to provide you with spoilers each day they are released. So expect a post each day!

Advent of the Wurm obviously is Selesnya, and is just two mana cheaper than Armada Wurm. Of course with Armada Wurm, you essentially get two 5/5 wurms with trample. I could see this possibly being used, but if all we're going to do is get a 5/5 token with trample for 4 mana, Selesnya may disappoint, kind of like the fake-out everyone had with Grove of the Guardian. Sure it's cool, but did it really go anywhere after everyone realized it took too long to get to and was easily stopped (or the game ended before the giant 8/8 behemoth came out).

I think Selesnya may disappoint once again in Dragon's Maze.

Interesting, interesting... Pair it with Fathom Mage for card draw, use Bioshift to move extra counters to other creatures, create lots of mana with Gyre Sage, enhance Master Biomancer to boost the rest of your creatures, I mean, you could do a lot! And I'm just looking at the cards in Gatecrash. What could be done in Modern or Legacy with this guy? I mean, you can only do it once per turn, so he isn't THAT great, but some stuff can be done...

Master of Cruelties

Rakdos mythic rare creature... 1/4 for 5 mana with first strike, deathtouch, and can only attack alone. And then if not blocked, your opponent's life total will be 1 and Master of Cruelties doesn't assign combat damage? I mean, sure, easy hit to the face with a Pillar of Flame or something if you pull this off right, but REALLY? I'm not too impressed. Not worried about going up against this either. Well, except in limited. This could be bad news in Limited.

Star City Games' "exclusive" preview. So... Duress, that costs two more mana, takes away the ability to get rid of enchantments, and then lets you exile it. So you exile an instant or sorcery instead of discarding a non-land, non-creature card. I suppose it could see play in a sideboard, but isn't Duress good enough? Sure Snapcaster Mage exists, but I don't see too much of a purpose for this in Standard especially with Duress. Do you really want to exile something? Maybe to stop some infinite combo loops, but I don't see its appeal.

And, you know, just because Wizards of the Coast shows it:

Very... yellow. But that's what the boosters, booster box, and fat pack all look like. I assume Intro Packs will be along shortly...

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