Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dragon's Maze Spoilers Part 9

Let's start off with today's revealed cards and then move onto ones from yesterday I missed, shall we?

(Also, I'll try and update the spoilers tab soon. Haven't had much time to add all the cards to it.)

She makes tokens so much better! But... she costs 7 to cast... Maybe good in Commander/EDH though. I'd throw her in as a commander with Trostani as the back-up commander, and then just have a lock of token generating going on.

Okay, so if memory serves me right, this is the first Bloodrush card revealed, I think... Bloodrush is nice, but doesn't have a modifier like some of the other ones had (trample is one, I think haste or doublestrike was another). However, as long as a player takes combat damage from a creature you control and Pyrewild Shaman is in your graveyard, you can return it to your hand at the cost of 3 mana. Not bad I guess...

For four mana, you can deal four damage to a creature or player and then you can gain 4 life isn't bad at all. Boros charm dealing four damage to a player for 2 mana is just a bit better though, despite getting life out of this. I mean, if by turn 4 you had four land and had drawn all four Boros Charms in your deck, you could have already done 16 damage to your opponent (Charm turn 2, Charm turn 3, two charms turn 4), but this takes a little while to get to...

Moving on to the cards yesterday that were released by non Wizards sources...

Wake the Reflections

Plain and simple. One mana to copy a token.

Catch & Release

Catch lets you gain control of a creature until the end of your turn, and it gets haste. Typical stealing card... Cheaper than Zealous Conscripts, but then again, you don't get your own creature with this...

Release causes each player to sacrifice an artifact, a creature, an enchantment, a land, and a planeswalker for 6 mana. This is very powerful, especially paired with Catch. Just costs a lot to cast.

Selesnya Guildgate

Art in the card frame.

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