Monday, April 8, 2013

PAX East Inspired Sealed Deck

So at PAX East they did a sealed deck tournament where you used one booster pack from each set currently in Standard. So I decided to do just that: show you how to build a deck using a booster pack each from Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, 2013 Core Set, Return to Ravnica, and Gatecrash. So check out the video, or just look at the deck below!

Typhoid Rats (ISD) x1
Basilica Screecher (GTC) x1
Dragon Hatchling (M13) x1
Keening Apparition (RTR) x1
Thraben Valiant (AVR) x1
Torch Fiend (M13) x1
Crossway Vampire (ISD) x1
Thraben Doomsayer (DKA) x1
Markov Patrician (ISD) x1
Disciple of Bolas (M13) x1
Falkenrath Noble (ISD) x1
Geist-Honored Monk (ISD) x1
Markov Warlord (DKA) x1

Traveler's Amulet (ISD) x1
Trepanation Blade (ISD) x1

Other Spells
Banners Raised (AVR) x1
Aerial Maneuver (GTC) x1
Burning Oil (DKA) x1
Gather the Townsfolk (DKA) x1
Show of Valor (M13) x1
Traitorous Blood (ISD) x1
Trumpet Blast (M13) x1
Essence Drain (M13) x1

Plains x6
Swamp x5
Mountain x6

ISD = Innistrad
DKA = Dark Ascension
AVR = Avacyn Restored
M13 = 2013 Core Set
RTR = Return to Ravnica
GTC = Gatecrash

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