Monday, April 1, 2013

You Make the Card #4

So recently the "You Make the Card" collaboration design program was brought back. So far, it's been chosen as an Enchantment. Okay, that's cool. Land would have been neat to do, but maybe next time...

Right now, we need to decide on the color. We have until April 2nd to discuss before voting, and then on Thursday, April 4th, voting ends. I've decided to weigh in on the color choices...

(Sorry, you'll have to read upside down)

We have to choose one of these five colors. The cards already made in "You Make the Card" were not enchantments, rather a creature, Artifact, and Instant.

 Crucible of Worlds Vanish into Memory

Personally, I'd suggest something in the Red or Black spectrum. We had a green and we have a white/blue. Why not do something really cool with a different color?

There aren't too many rare, powerful, cheap black or red enchantments in Standard, or at least nothing that gets used very often. I mean, Green has the uncommon Rancor, White has Blind Obedience and the uncommon Oblivion Ring, and White/Blue has Detention Sphere

The best I can find for red and black combines are two black cards, Underworld Connections and Deviant Glee. Both of which are black. And these are the best of what I found...
Underworld Connections  Deviant Glee

And Deviant Glee is common!

So how about voting for Red, huh? Red sounds good...

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