Monday, June 10, 2013

Let's See That Again! (Land Edition)

I wanted to start a new series on this blog with things I personally would like to see again. Either printed as a full cycle, or else printed again (like the shocklands were). Here are the five lands that should be done again:

Innistrad Dual Lands

Clifftop RetreatHinterland HarborIsolated ChapelSulfur FallsWoodland Cemetery

Think about it like this: if the allied dual lands from the core sets were printed from M10 to M13, which means 4 sets, we've only seen these enemy dual lands once. Maybe it'd be nice to see them again...

Dryad Arbor

Dryad Arbor  Dryad Arbor

Yeah, I know it was in Future Sight, and then reprinted with a pretty cool art/format in From the Vault: Realms. Why should it be reprinted in my opinion? Not just it, but a cycle would be cool. I mean, couldn't there be 1/1 Land Creatures out there other than Forest Dryads? I mean, there could be a Land Creature - Island Illusion, or Land Creature - Swamp Monster... That'd be cool, right?

Horizon Canopy

Horizon Canopy

Once again, my thought is for a cycle. Dual lands that are like Brushland, but you can also sacrifice them and draw a card. I'd like to see these. I mean I personally can't think of any good dual land ideas so having some done that appeared in Future Sight would be nice. Wizards can only print and reprint the same card so many times.

River of Tears

River of Tears

Yet another Future Sight land. And yet again, I think it'd be cool to have them, whether or not I would actually use them. When played, it produces black mana, next turn, it produces blue mana until you play a land. It's not too bad, but it isn't the best... Not in my opinion anyway.

Grove of the Burnwillows

Grove of the Burnwillows  Grove of the Burnwillows

And again, like Dryad Arbor, another land that could use a good cycle and was also reprinted in From the Vault: Realms. I'm not a fan of giving 1 life to each opponent if you tap the land for a colored mana, but it could be done, I guess...

Nimbus Maze

Nimbus Maze

Now THIS is a land I would love to see in a full cycle (you know, allied AND enemy dual lands?). It taps for colorless, yet with a plains, it can create blue mana, and with an island, it creates white mana. It's sort of like the core set and Innistrad dual lands, yet it comes in untapped and has three options if you have types of land. Just a thought...

Scars of Mirrodin Lands

Seachrome CoastDarkslick ShoresBlackcleave CliffsCopperline GorgeRazorverge Thicket

They were pretty cool. They can be played on the first, second, or third turn if you play a land each turn, and it will be untapped and you can use it for one of two colors. They were done pretty recently, but the enemy dual lands of this type would be nice.

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