Monday, August 19, 2013


If you recently checked out the About the Writers page, you would notice we have Alec Martinez, who goes by THEALLMIGHTYGOAT, added as another writer. If you have looked at that page before, you may notice some format changes, but that's not what I'm here to talk about...

The important thing here is that I have some help. Never again will there be a week without a post (I think?), so you can look forward to some news, or at the very least, you may get a new deck to try each week.

Prior to adding THEALLMIGHTYGOAT to staff, we were discussing deck ideas through messages on YouTube. Together, I feel we can provide you some awesome content, decks from different backgrounds, and opinions from different view points on set reviews. His decks will be far more competitive and can fit into the bigger tournaments, where most of my decks are more suited to local FNM tournaments or just for fun.

So without further ado, please welcome THEALLMIGHTYGOAT!

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