Sunday, August 25, 2013

Naya Auras

This deck was a recent build that I came up with at M14's gameday.  I wanted to utilize the tribal effect of Champion of the Parish and use enchantments to not only protect the creatures, but to make them even better.

Naya Auras (White/Red/Green)


x4 Avacyn’s Pilgrim
x4 Champion of the Parish
x4 Fencing Ace
x2 Markov Blademaster
x2 Elite Inquisitor


x4 Temple Garden
x4 Stomping Grounds
x4 Sacred Foundry
x2 Rootbound Crag
x4 Sunpetal Grove
x4 Clifftop Retreat
x2 Kessig Wolf Run

Other Spells

4x Alpha Authority
4x Ethereal Armor
4x Rancor
3x Madcap Skills
3x Savage Summoning
2x Unflinching Courage


x3 Boros Charm
x3 Gift of Orzhova
x3 Dryad Militant
x3 Silverblade Paladian
x2 Unflinching Courage
x1 Elite Inquisitor

The goal of this deck is to drop Champion of the Parish turn one or turn two and let his effect with the aid of the enchantments do all the work.  If you dont have him in hand then you've got an Avacyn's Pilgrim that you can drop turn one and then on turn two drop Fencing Ace.  Although the deck is a pretty simple build it is a lot of fun to play.  When playing the deck at recent FNM's i discovered it can go toe-to-toe agianst Bant Aura's and even Esper Control.  As of right now this is one of my favorite deck builds for FNM and it will be sad to see it go when Theros comes out.  So if you want to play this I would do it soon.

Champion of the Parish  Avacyn's Pilgrim  Fencing Ace

While I was making the deck i was a little worried about not having evasion in the deck which lead me to running Gift of Orzhova in sideboard.  I also wanted make sure i had access to extra copies of the cards i already ran in the deck.  I also wanted in sideboard a way to make an Avacyn's Pilgrim or Champ that made them more of a threat which lead me to run Silverblade Paladian and Boros Charm.  The great thing about running  Silverblade Paladian is that it still trigger's Champ's effect.  The Boros Charm allows you to get around board wipes like Supreme Verdict and it also provides you with a way of getting an extra four damage in or just give your creature's double strike.  Then the last card out of the sideboard is Dryad Militant.  Dryad Militant is not only a great one drop, but also helps get rid of problems like Snapcaster Mage, Unburial Rights and Runechanter's Pike.

Gift of Orzhova  Silverblade Paladin  Boros Charm


  1. So no burning tree emmisary in naya with a human theme

    1. Completely forgot about her if you want to use her you could.


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