Monday, October 14, 2013

Commander Spoilers Part 2 (Countdown: 2 Weeks & 4 Days, to Release Date)

Commander Spoiler Week is here! Let's check out some of the cards!

Baleful Force

8 mana for a 7/7 that has you draw a card and lose a life EACH upkeep. So on each opponent's turn, you get one card and each of your turns, you get two cards when this is in play. I like it, I like it. And you know what? This seems to pair very well with Oloro, Ageless Ascetic. You all remember him, right? If not, once again, Oloro everyone!

So most likely, we will find him in Oloro's deck, Eternal Bargain.

And... wait... nothing else? Let's search the internet some more, not just Wizard of the Coast's site...

Bane of Progress

Ah ha! Got one! So... this will destroy all artifacts and enchantments when it enters the battlefield and adds counters to it. Starts as a 2/2 but costs 6 mana to cast. You know, this feels a lot like it would be good for a counter-centric deck. So... that reminds me of our new friend Marath, Will of the Wild!

My prediction is that this creature will appear with Marath in the Nature of the Beast deck.

Curse of Chaos

I hate speculation of foreign cards in languages I can't read. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. I can read part of this. for anyone who does not know, this is German. Being a European language, it shares a little bit of the Romance Languages (Spanish, French, Italian), despite being, well, Germanic (like English). As a result, the 7 years of French I have had seem to have paid off (but I have a basic understanding of other languages, enough to get a jist, not to fully read, understand, and/or speak).

"de" in French is "of" or "some" (I think. Definitely "of" though).

We can interpret "Chaos" to mean, well, "Chaos." 

"Fluch" appears twice on the card: in the type and title. "Verzauberung" appears in the rules text and the type, and "Aura" is in the type.So, this has to be an Enchantment - Aura "Fluch." "Fluch" is therefore quite possibly meaning "Curse" as we've seen Aura Curses in the Innistrad Block, so the title is "Curse of Chaos" of the "Enchantment - Aura Curse" type. This makes sense, since in Innistrad, the Aura Curses were names "Curse of _."

Now, I could give you a full rundown of what I think it says (like how it says "einen Spieler" which should loosely translate to "a Player") but... let me just give you MTG Salvation's text:

"Enchant player
Whenever enchanted player is attacked by one or more creatures, the attacking player may discard a card, then draw a card."

Where does this fit? Hm... getting rid of cards... Curses being an Innistrad thing and coming in Blue, Black, and Red during that block... well, that leaves it obviously with...

That's right, Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, a Vampire Wizard from Nephalia, the Blue/Black area in Innistrad. So, Curse of Chaos should show up in Jeleva's Mind Seize deck.

Hope you guys have enjoyed checking out these new spoilers, where I think they'll belong, and also the brief lesson in foreign languages.

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