Monday, October 7, 2013

Devotion to Green

So this is a fun deck I came up with, and with two Nyleas, I figured this would be a pretty good deck to run. Mono-color is the new "in" thing, so why not start with green?

Devoted To Green


x4 Gladecover Scout
x3 Mistcutter Hydra
x3 Vastwood Hydra
x4 Leafcrown Dryad
x2 Witchstalker
x3 Reverent Hunter
x3 Wild Beastmaster
x2 Nylea, God of the Hunt
x2 Kalonian Hydra


x1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
x20 Forest


x2 Bow of Nylea

Other Spells

x4 Giant Growth
x3 Ordeal of Nylea
x4 Phytoburst


x2 Scavenging Ooze
x1 Worldspine Wurm
x1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
x4 Fog
x4 Naturalize
x2 Bramblecrush
x1 Enlarge

The Simple Creatures Suite
Okay, so let's start with basics: Gladecover Scout. 1/1 and hexproof. Perfect one-drop, can't be removed except when blocked or when blocking another creature. Then we have the Leafcrown Dryad. It can enchant something already on the field or be a 2/2 with reach. Then, we have something that shuts down control players with Witchstalker, keeping opponents from playing blue or black during your turn or they pump your creatures. Wild Beastmaster is the reason we have Giant Growth, Ordeal of Nylea, and Phytoburst. Pump Wild Beastmaster and pump your other creatures that attack.

Witchstalker  Wild Beastmaster

The Devotion Suite
Reverent Hunter adds to the devotion and mono-green aspect of the deck by coming in as at least a 2/2, if not more if your side has tons of creatures. Then Nylea ties together the devotion aspect. You have a 6/6 indestrucible creature who can pump a creature each turn (which we would hopefully use on an attacking Wild Beastmaster). Playing off devotion, we have Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for ramp. Sort of. Probably should replace a couple forests with some more

Reverent Hunter  Nylea, God of the Hunt

The Hydra Suite
The third suite is made up of our mono-green hydras: Mistcutter, Vastwood, and Kalonian. These are versatile since we can have them come in as anything (except Kalonian. Kalonian Hydra will always come in as a 4/4 unless we had something to change the number of counters). Mistcutter Hydra can be a 1/1 blue protected haste-filed creature that cannot be prevented from entering the battlefield. Turns later, you can make it anything you want. Vastwood Hydra is more of a late-game card since turn three it would be a 1/1, but is a powerful blocker, letting it die in order to boost other creatures. And then Kalonian Hydra is just already amazing. You get to ouble all counters on your hydras or on any creature that had/has Ordeal of Nylea enchanted on it.

Mistcutter Hydra  Vastwood Hydra  Kalonian Hydra

Bow of Nylea
Obviously, giving everything deathtouch when you attack, and having the ability to put counters on creatures, gain life, deal damage to flyers, or cycle through cards in your library is an amazing card to include in this deck, and even adds two to your devotion.

Bow of Nylea

The Sideboard
Scavenging Ooze is there just in the event your opponent is putting lots of creatures in your graveyard or is capable of removing a lot of yours. This way you can have a really powerful creature to send back at them. Worldspine Wurm is there in the event you need a huge creature and if you know you can see enough mana to cast it. Nykthos is included as an extra one if you need it, but could probably fit better in the actual deck and not the sideboard. Fog has an obvious purpose, as does Naturalize. Bramblecrush is good if you need more destruction that Naturalize can't help with. And Enlarge is in as an extra pump spell.

Scavenging Ooze  Worldspine Wurm

I will be completely honest that Kalonian Tusker was originally planned for the deck, but unfortunately, it somehow didn't make it in to the actual deck. A 3/3 for double green plays nicely into the mana curve and adds enough to green to your devotion to have a creature turn four if you can play Nylea.

Kalonian Tusker

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