Monday, October 7, 2013

Updates to Monday Morning MTG

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another Monday. In fact, the first Monday of October. That doesn't have much bearing on the rest of this post, just needed something to mention.

Anyway, this post is about all the changes happening around here. These include page updates and blog posts.

"Most Expensive Cards"

So, the pages visited the most on the blog happen to be the "Most Expensive Standard Cards" and "Most Expensive Modern Cards" posts. The only problem is that they were not updated since August (May for the Modern page). This was due to scheduling conflicts, but I hope to at least keep Standard up-to-date at least once every two weeks.

We're also now using TCGPlayer prices only (except we use Star City Games when determining which cards should be included on the page). TCGPlayer has fair prices and I've heard rumors about SCG being pursued by Wizards of the Coast in a lawsuit for price gouging/monopolizing the market, which is why we will no longer feature their prices on this site. We will, however, continue to have links to their site when offering a place to purchase cards or sealed products.

In addition this this, I've modified what the page looks like. I'm still working on the format, but for the time being, it is good enough to have published and accessible to everyone who looks for it.

However, this is just the page for cards in the Standard format. I had to take down the Modern page because it was still partially complete, and requires a complete overhaul to better match the Standard page. Ideally, I would have this fixed in a week, but the Standard page took an entire week to work on, so hopefully Modern will be showing up again by the end of the year.

"Information for New Players"

This new page was added (after a complete overhaul of a previous draft) because of all the comments that had come about on wateradept24's YouTube videos where people were asking what they should buy to get into the game and asking other related questions. As of this post, it has details on the different colors, a brief introduction to Magic, information on the Deck Builder's Toolkit, and then details on the M14 and Theros intro packs.

I hope to add future information, such as information on deck color names (we have a blog post about that somewhere around here...) as well as other popular questions like "where did you get those full art lands?" I also hope to add a list with links to some of the Standard and Modern decks we post here.

"Commander Mondays"

Now, this is not a page I'm working on, but a long line of blog posts I've been doing for the entire month of September. I had deemed September "Commander Month" here at Monday Morning MTG only because we had eight sets in Standard at the time (which is the most possible), and I really wanted to make Standard-legal EDH decks. I feel I did well with those enemy-colored decks, especially the Jarad deck, which I'm actually really proud of.

"So, since September is over, what happens now?" you may ask. Well, the initial plan was to have a Commander/EDH deck posted on the last Monday of every month, and Jarad's deck should have been posted August 26, 2013. This obviously didn't happen due to timing issues, so I made a month-long event out of it where I did a new deck each week (sort of, because one Monday I didn't have time to make a post). So I intend to go back to the original plan of posting a new deck on the last Monday of every month. Then, in November, we will be celebrating another month of Commander decks, and I'm looking forward to November, because I will be using legendary creatures from either Commander (2011), Commander's Arsenal, or from From The Vault: Legends. I've actually picked them out already. And it was really hard to do too because there are so many decks I want to build for you, but so little time.

In addition to November, I already have generals/commanders planned through the end of January, so I already know each one for October, November, December, and January. In the event any of these change, I don't want to say what they are, but I'm intrigued and want to do something cool with all of the commanders/generals I've chosen.

"Free Rice"

I started a group on because I could. If you read this blog, please join us in answering simple questions in order to donate rice to people in need. Our groups can be found here: You can answer questions from any subjects, but help us in donating some time to this charity.

Anyway, that should be all for now during the upkeep step of today. Time to draw!

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