Monday, November 25, 2013

Commander Mondays (11/25/2013): Doran, the Siege Tower

This has been a long time coming, but now I'm caught up on the Commander decks. Well, except for December's, but you'll have to wait for the enchantment extravaganza that is Uril, the Miststalker next week.

Doran, the Siege Tower

Legendary Creatures

x1 Doran, the Siege Tower(Commander)
x1 Nath of the Gilt-Leaf
x1 Sapling of Colfenor
x1 Verdeloth the Ancient
x1 Yeva, Nature's Herald


x1 Ambassador Oak
x1 Argothian Treefolk
x1 Battlewand Oak
x1 Black Poplar Shaman
x1 Blanchwood Treefolk
x1 Bog-Strider Ash
x1 Bosk Banneret
x1 Canker Abomination
x1 Cloudcrown Oak
x1 Crabapple Cohort
x1 Cradle Guard
x1 Dauntless Dourbark
x1 Deadwood Treefolk
x1 Dungrove Elder
x1 Ebony Treefolk
x1 Everbark Shaman
x1 Fendeep Summoner
x1 Ghoultree
x1 Heartwood Storyteller
x1 Indomitable Ancients
x1 Imperious Perfect
x1 Ironroot Treefolk
x1 Leaf-Crowned Elder
x1 Lumberknot
x1 Magnigoth Treefolk
x1 Oakgnarl Warrior
x1 Old Ghastbark
x1 Orchard Warden
x1 Seedcradle Witch
x1 Seedguide Ash
x1 Thorntooth Witch
x1 Timber Protector
x1 Treefolk Harbinger
x1 Treefolk Seedlings
x1 Unstoppable Ash
x1 Weatherseed Treefolk
x1 Wickerbough Elder
x1 Woodfall Primus
x1 Yavimaya Ancients
x1 Yew Spirit


x1 Reach of Branches
x1 Rootgrapple


x1 Hunting Triad


x1 Lignify
x1 Presence of Gond
x1 Vow of Duty
x1 Vow of Malice
x1 Vow of Wildness


x1 Accorder's Shield
x1 Armillary Sphere
x1 Crawlspace
x1 Golgari Signet
x1 Lightning Greaves
x1 Orzhov Signet
x1 Ring of Three Wishes
x1 Selesnya Signet
x1 Sol Ring


x1 Cavern of Souls
x1 Command Tower
x1 Evolving Wilds
x1 Fetid Heath
x1 Graypelt Refuge
x1 Godless Shrine
x1 Isolated Chapel
x1 Murmuring Bosk
x1 Opal Palace
x1 Overgrown Tomb
x1 Pine Barrens
x1 Salt Flats
x1 Stirring Wildwood
x1 Sunpetal Grove
x1 Temple Garden
x1 Terramorphic Expanse
x1 Twilight Mire
x1 Wooded Bastion
x1 Woodland Cemetery
x2 Plains
x3 Swamp
x14 Forest

I had fun with this. Everything is a wall until Doran comes to town, but that is not a bad thing in the slightest way possible. Now, almost all of the Treefolk in Doran's colors are green, however there are a couple in black and in white.

Verdeloth the Ancient  Timber Protector  Indomitable Ancients   

Doran's ability is one of the main parts of this deck, that and a Treefolk and Shaman tribal aspect. Verdeloth the Ancient and Timber Protector are used for a boost for the Treefolk creatures. Most of the Treefolk in the deck have power and toughness, not just toughness like with Doran.

Pretty much this whole deck is the simple concept of your creatures dealing damage equal to their toughness, and there is some token aspects, but overall, it's all about the toughness.

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