Friday, January 24, 2014

Born of the Gods Spoilers Part 10

Good, good... Of course, there isn't any playing multiple lands per turn, you just get to play it if it is a land and you haven't played a land yet. This card is a bit psychological too, meaning you can play mind games with your opponent. Say on Turn 10 you're playing green and any non-blue color deck. Keep playing lands from your library as they show up keeping like 4 or 5 in your hand, so you keep having these lands, but they don't know what you're going to do, except it's just land and you're bluffing. Just keep a good poker face...

Love it, love it, love it. It's already a 1/1, but chances are you have more creatures and enchantments. This will be a good White Weenies deck or Boros tokens deck. I mean, why not? You have the creatures, you'll have a few Auras (yeah, no global Enchantments guys... Gods are creatures when their devotion is high enough, but only if it is kept above the threshold number. After that, they're only a global enchantment, not an Aura.).

Costly, but if you ramp or the game lasts a while, you have a creature that is indestructible AND you can scry 2 if it's your turn. So, this is Modern and Legacy good. Dredge. Cast this, bring back any giant thing you dropped. And if you can do a turn 1 Griselbrand in Legacy, I'm sure there has got to be a good use for this in other formats, if not Commander.


Reprint. Good, I guess, but I'm not a big draw and/or discard cards kind of guy. Plus, this is in M14. Cool art, but it was printed less than a year ago...

Thunderous Might

Love it. Promotes red devotion and you get big stuff hitting your opponent. Couple it with any stuff that was released that I said would be good for Red Deck Wins and you're good.

One last time... Spoiler List is full and complete. Please enjoy some shenanigans with the new cards on Monday. Until then!

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