Friday, January 17, 2014

Born of the Gods Spoilers Part 5

Well, I was hoping they'd reveal the last god today, but maybe they're holding off for now, or else it will be revealed, Wizards just decided they wouldn't be the ones to do it (or it will be a Reddit or Twitter thing).

Either way, let's have a look and see what we get...

Well, we've been introduced to cards in a couple of cycles in Born of the Gods. We've already been told that Archetype will be a cycle, and we got an additional card from that cycle yesterday:

Archetype of Courage

3 mana for a 2/2  which gives everything first strike and opponents lose first strike. Definitely a boost to Boros decks that employ Battalion, and it is great for match-ups.

The way I see it with this cycle is that in match-up games, it becomes a "who can play the Archetypes first" to come out on top as opposed to luck of the draw which sets in halfway through the game. This gives you the edge to win because, if I interpret this correctly, if you cast this first, an opponent casting their copy just gives them a 2/2 for 3 mana because the ability of yours triggers denying their creatures from obtaining first strike by them playing this card. These will be crucial to have for sure.

Archetype of Imagination

Archetype of Imagination was shown off earlier this week. Same thing, but with flying. Moving on...

Here is the second card revealed of the rare "Fated" cycle. These look to be useful for Commander/EDH, but still playable in Standard. Here, 3 mana (all blue) to copy a creature and place a token copy (Copy  anything you want...) and you scry for 2 if you play this instant on your turn. Already that's amazing, and both together lead me to call it EDH material, especially since you want to find your combos in EDH and copying creatures (using cards like Clone) is a big thing for blue players.

Fated Conflagration

You may have already met this one, and I like it. Bit difficult to cast, but it will be great in Limited, and on top of it all, you get to scry on your turn. Instant speed removal for Planeswalkers in red.

Fated Intervention

5 mana for two 3/3 enchantment creature tokens and scry 2. Token decks will love this. I swear, this set has all kinds of good fun for everyone. Haven't seen much in the way of Control stuff yet, but I'm sure we will. Once again, moving on...

Wow. Making hasty token copies of creatures by paying 2 mana when this guy untaps, well that will be fun. You lose the token at the next end step, but hey, you get a creature you're going to lose anyway, the least you could do is try and take out something your opponent has. And now for the best of today (so far):

Token decks, token decks, token decks. They're back in style (did they ever really go out though? I know Devotion sort of took the meta game, but...) Brimaz, King of Oreskos has vigilance and puts Cat Soldier tokens on the field when he attacks or blocks, and these tokens enter attacking, or blocking te creature Brimaz is blocking. This is pretty damn sweet if I don't say so myself... And to top it all off, yo ucan do a sort of Cat tribal deck by dropping in Ajani. Use Ajani to plus this guy, he now is hard to stop when he attacks, blocks the big stuff coming for Ajani, and then you get lots of Cat tokens. Probably not that simple, but hey, I like where this guy is going...

This has been a great week 1 so far, and we're only a few weeks away from prerelease.

Keep checking the spoiler page for any more cards, and if you haven't figured it out already, the spoiler pages on this site (whenever they get posted), the cards show up in collector numerical order/the same way you'd see them in the Fat Pack books.

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