Thursday, January 23, 2014

Born of the Gods Spoilers Part 9

A reprint! Last time we saw this we were in Scars of Mirrodin, and then it showed up in the Venser vs. Koth Dual Deck. Perfect for this block, of course.

Another candidate for Red Deck Wins. Or, you know, mix it with Searing Blood. Take out two creatures and hit your opponent all on turn 3. Think of it like this:

Turn 1: Mountain & Blistercoil Weird
Turn 2: Mountain & Satyr Firedancer
Turn 3: Mountain, Searing Blood, and Shock. Blistercoil attacks for 3, 5 damage to opponent, and an X/2 and X/3 creature are also now dead.
Turn 4: Do it again, or something like.
Turn 5: Finish the game.

See? Easy.

Wizards likens this to a better Gilded Lotus. That is 5 mana for a Tap for 3 mana of any one color. This time, you'd need to pay 9 mana, but each one could be different. More for EDH if you ask me, but maybe there's something in Standard for it. Easiest to pull off is X=2 so you only pay 6. But... still that's a bit much. Judge for yourself, but I don't see the purpose of using this.

As always, spoiler list.

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