Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing Positions Available

EDIT: We have more positions available, not just for writing. These positions with required skills can be found here. Some information below is still relevant, however better, more up to date information can be found above. There is not currently a set limit on people for each position, but there will be a limit upon review of applications. The best candidates out of the applicants will be chosen, but all applications will be kept on file and may be contacted in the future.

Thank you.

So, in recent times I've been unable to keep everything updated and be able to write new posts to be published every Monday, so I need YOUR help.

I need people who can write posts well, be clear and methodical, and work independently. Unfortunately, there is no payment involved, however, if you want to get your name out into the MTG community and publish your original decks online, I'm offering a way for you to do that.

What I would like from any writers would be the formats you play. The more you play on a regular basis, the better. I would mostly like people who play Draft or Sealed on a regular basis, people who play Modern, people who play Legacy, and/or people who can make budget decks that work well (Top 8 out of 20+ at an FNM or other event).

How do you apply? Contact me at MTG {at} mondaymorningmtg {dot} com with the subject "Monday MTG Writing Position. In the message, tell me the formats you play and then attach in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf format a sample article of a deck you came up with and use/used in one of the formats you mentioned. Examples include your current Modern deck, the Legacy deck you took to a tournament a couple months ago, or even the deck and card pool you got from a draft of Innistrad, M12, and Dragon's Maze your buddies decided to do at 1 AM yesterday (not that anyone would mix those in a draft, but I did play in a casual DGM, DGM, Theros draft which is the strangest one I've ever played in, but that's a story for next Monday). Include anything else you think is appropriate.

I will review applications starting next week. I'm not sure how many writers I'm looking for at the moment, but it depends on quality, availability to write regularly, and coverage of formats. I'll at least choose 2, but I may choose more. I will continue to accept applications, but once I have chosen the 2 or more I plan to, applications will be ranked based on best candidates and will be contacted later if anyone decides to leave or drops off the face of the Earth.

Thank you.

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