Monday, February 17, 2014

From the Vault: Annihilation

I was wondering what they could possibly do next. They've done the 20th Anniversary, Lands, Legendary Creatures, Artifacts, Banned Cards, and Dragons. This will be their 7th From the Vault product (and I'll be buying it, of course).

Modern Mondays: Esper Tokens

I've been looking for a new Modern deck to develop and play. Now, I don't approach decks like pro players do. I look at cards I have, figure out what goes well together, and build around that. I was sorting cards and packing up playsets of cards (I count 5 as a playset: 4 for a deck and 1 for EDH) rotated out of Standard. This one caught my eye:

Favorable Winds

I looked at it and couldn't figure out why I never did anything with this when Avacyn Restored was in Standard. I'm trying to amend that now by utilizing it in a tokens deck, well Esper to be specific (see, I like Lingering Souls, which to fully utilize it, I need three colors now).

Let's take a look at this:

Monday, February 10, 2014

RUG Thievery in Standard

When I think of thievery decks, I think back to the time in Standard when I was using cards like Act of TreasonBeguiler of Wills, Traitorous Instinct, and Zealous Conscripts. I liked that deck and found it didn't work well, except for the time I stole a Tree of Redemption. But then I saw Taylor Walker's deck at Red Battle Games. Of course it happened to be late at night and after not doing so well, meeting his deck was not something I felt up for, but overall, I respect this deck. It's so aggravating, it was hard to sit there and watch the events unfold and during the second game, I gave up at 12 life because nothing I did would stick. I was running a Green/White enchantment deck, and my creatures were getting stolen, my enchantments were given new targets (his creatures), so I decided to give him the win, but not before making sure he could email me the deck list. So here we go...

Now, in the real world, stealing is taking things from other people or businesses, but in some respect, if you were to print your own money and spend it, you are knowingly stealing by giving someone fake money. So what card in standard involves money? That's right, Conjured Currency.

Conjured Currency

If you've opened packs and don't recognize that card, maybe telling you it's the card no one wanted and was pretty much one of those rares you open and wish it was something more useful. It's converted mana cost of 6 makes it pretty much unplayable, but not in this deck!

Magic: the Conspiracy

Well, this is quite the odd one... But it certainly isn't about the Conspiracy, or is it? Maybe it is...


Anyway, in case you didn't know, this card was found in a Born of the Gods prerelease box:

The number is 48/210, but it also has a star meaning this is a promo. However, it can't very much be a mistake, and the only promo sold from a set with a number and a star without words (like Game Day, Buy-A-Box, Prerelease, and Launch) were from the Holiday Gift Boxes, but I doubt it's from there, because this is the back:

A Collection of Booster Packs

So, I recently began going through my collection doing some cleaning. Of course, I have saved every single booster pack I ever opened, so I had a lot. Like... this many:

Embedded image permalink

That is actually a picture I took of the booster packs filling up one of those large black plastic trash bags. It fills up about half way. Now, I didn't voluntarily throw these away. That was my girlfriend's idea. Fortunately, she had another idea: Keep one of each art of a booster pack. Of course, this varies for each set with typically 5 for large sets and 3 for small sets, but I don't have a lot of sets from the earlier years, so I had to keep all of them for those (like for Kamigawa block and original Ravnica block, I only opened one pack for each set).

Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Deck Wins in the New Standard

So during the week of spoilers, I kept finding cards that would make a perfect "Red Deck Wins" deck. This is essentially a very fast deck that kills your opponent in 3 to 5 turns and I built in a little bit of late game action if things last too long or the draws aren't very good. Let's take a look...

Red Deck Wins


x4 Blistercoil Weird
x2 Ash Zealot
x4 Satyr Firedancer
x3 Young Pyromancer
x3 Guttersnipe
x2 Oracle of Bones


x20 Mountain

Other Spells

x4 Spark Jolt
x4 Shock
x4 Searing Blood
x4 Lightning Strike
x2 Magma Jet
x2 Skullcrack
x2 Awaken the Ancient


x2 Ash Zealot
x2 Magma Jet
x2 Skullcrack
x4 Mizzium Mortars
x3 Bolt of Keranos
x2 Pithing Needle

Born of the Gods Prerelease at Red Battle Games LLC

Before I begin, I feel I should properly introduce myself... I'm Eric Davey, a web and graphic designer and MTG addict (and owner of this website). I have gone by wateradept24 all over the internet (to the person who used MY username on MTGO, you should feel bad. I'm actually MondayMorningMTG on MTGO because someone took my username) ever since I can remember. wateradept is a Golden Sun reference and 24 has special meaning to me.

In all the time I've been playing Magic, I've now played at prereleases in 5 different stores (3 if you want to count the fact that one store has gone through a name and ownership change twice since Avacyn Restored).

On Saturday (the only prerelease day I played), I went to the new Red Battle Games in Danville, VA. I have to say, I think the way this event was run was probably the best I've ever participated in and I'd like to thank Reid and Chad, the store owners, for putting on such a great prerelease.

Getting Into Legacy Part 1

So I recently made a small purchase from Star City Games (actually, you know, I can't call my Magic purchases "small") to get into the Legacy format. This is my first foray into Legacy, so I wanted to go over what I'm doing for those of you who would like in to the format.

So, during my time hanging around a friend of mine who played Legacy, he had three decks: High Tide, Manaless Dredge, and Shardless BUG.

So, Manaless Dredge is out for me. It looks fun, sure, but I really don't have all the cards for it. I have a few, but it would require a bit more money. Shardless BUG is great... if you have four Shardless Agent, 4 Baleful Strix, and the ABU & Revised Dual Lands. So what does that leave us with? High Tide.

Now, High Tide is a deck that utilizes, you guessed it, High Tide. It also needs a way to boost your mana (so... a land untapper). My friend utilizes 3 Candelabra of Tawnos.

High Tide  Candelabra of Tawnos

See the combo? Your Islands now tap for 2 blue mana each, and with that, you tap two Islands, tap Candelabra, and then you untap 4 lands. Candelabra is a "Mono Artifact" which back then meant it was one use per turn (meaning tapped). So... that's how that works. But... let's look at the prices:

Low: $255.00
Median: $307.49
High: $399.98

Those are from TCG Player. Even if I wanted badly damaged cards, I'd need to pay $255, or else open 200 boxes of 1st print Zendikar or several boxes of Antiquities, and for both of those, to do this economically, I'd need a time machine. So what do we do now? The next best thing...

Magus of the Candelabra

Sure, it can be killed pretty easily, but you can play this deck on your opponent's turn. Kinda. So far, I have 4 Magus of the Candelabra and 4 High Tide (one of each art, the three from Fallen Empires and the IDW promo from the Theros #1 comic).

I got these from Star City Games during their holiday sale. The 3 old High Tides were $0.99 each, and the promo was $5.99 (my comic was given to me by my friend who plays Legacy because he only wanted the promo), and I got each Magus at half price. So each one for me was $0.49, but they can be bought for $0.99 now. Or you can go to TCGPlayer and get them cheaper or something. I went with SCG because they had other things I wanted and they are nearby. Either way, if you're keeping score, and we only go for the old High Tides, we've only spent $7.92 on cards, minus tax and shipping (SCG charges tax for Virginia purchases). 8 cards... But, most of our mana is covered. I have my 4 Breeding Pool and I have a lot of Zendikar Islands, so we're almost done there. However, I'm changing things up. I need a Tropical Island.

Tropical Island

It's a shockland without the shock part. It's a Forest Island which comes in without tapping or any of that nonsense. These are staples in EDH, Legacy, and Commander, but with my brew, I only need 1. So, now you see why I need these. I need the green and I need them to be Islands, which is why I brought in the Breeding Pools. Once you use a High Tide, it taps for 1 green or 2 blue. So you have the green you need or all the blue you could ever want. So far so good. But how much? They're expensive, but the Revised version (which is above) is the cheapest. We don't want Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited. They'll fetch between $100 and $1800. Revised is $80 to $120 which is easier to obtain. So... I need one of those. Need to figure out where one is and get it as cheap as possible.

Anyway, that's all for now. Next time we visit the Legacy format, we'll check out what we'll do with all the blue mana and how we'll always set it off.