Monday, February 10, 2014

Magic: the Conspiracy

Well, this is quite the odd one... But it certainly isn't about the Conspiracy, or is it? Maybe it is...


Anyway, in case you didn't know, this card was found in a Born of the Gods prerelease box:

The number is 48/210, but it also has a star meaning this is a promo. However, it can't very much be a mistake, and the only promo sold from a set with a number and a star without words (like Game Day, Buy-A-Box, Prerelease, and Launch) were from the Holiday Gift Boxes, but I doubt it's from there, because this is the back:

The mysterious serial number on the back

So, this is a phone number. I know this because it is 11 numbers, everyone on the internet has said that, and also for the simplest reason: I called it. Calling this number (1-425-204-2672) gives a monotone reading of a cipher. The cipher, when decoded, indicates that these is another card...

Cogwork Librarian

We don't know the art, just what the card is/does. And the artist for Magister of Worth, rk post, told people they should buy the couple copies that popped up on eBay, so since it's his art and he said "Get it now." on Facebook, then this indicates that this is a real set which is reflected in our new spoiler page for MTG: Conspiracy.

The set is a total of 210 cards, and the set symbol in no way matches the recent set symbols we know of...

Duel Decks: Jace vs. VraskaJourney Into NyxModern Event Deck2015 Core Set
Duel Decks: Jace vs. VraskaJourney into Nyx Expansion SymbolModern Event DeckMagic 2015 Expansion Symbol
Release: March 14, 2014Release: May 2, 2014Release: May 30, 2014Release: July 18, 2014

This set symbol looks like a screw or a bolt which led some to assume it may be "Unscrewed" as a new Un-set. I highly doubt this, and it appears this requires a draft format. Now, if you buy a box and open up everything,Cogwork Librarian does nothing for you unless you are in a draft. So my idea is that this will be a Cube set. Wizards has a Holiday Cube every year on MTGO, and there is no structured cube product sold yet, so I feel this is the closest we could get. Magister of Worth indicates this relates to multiplayer which Cube isn't necessarily multiplayer, but would work well in a Commander deck.

I feel it is important to note this isn't a Commander deck. It really can't be. Commander 2013 was JUST released a couple months ago. Also, with Commander, the set symbol is always split into three pieces. The Magister of Worth and the phone number seem to be some way to build hype and secretly reveal something.

Also, this is most likely to be released between now and M15 because M15 changes the border style. This is not a secret duel deck because duel decks have between 60 and 100 different cards. Archenemy had 150 cards, Planechase 2012 had 156, Commander had 318 and Commander 2013 had 356. Journey Into Nyx will have 165 cards and already has a set symbol anyway, as does the Modern Event Deck. Besides, for the event deck, those have no more than 75 cards, and since some will be basic land, you probably won't see more than 60 or 65 different cards if even than many. This has to be a stand alone set because it doesn't match anything we've seen yet, and even the silver-bordered Unhinged had 140 cards. It's not an un-set, because there is no silver border, and even if you argue how white border core sets had foils in black border, Unhinged foils still had the silver border.

This leaves us with either a unique variant of Magic that is borrowed by (or possibly created by) Wizards and produced for that purpose or a Cube. I don't believe Wizards would print a card like Cogwork Librarian with an ability that ONLY works coming out of a booster pack, so I believe this will be a special Cube set or variant (Cubes typically have between 300 and 500 cards, so 210 is a bit short) since you make "packs" from the cube and draft like you would normally, just without the satisfying sound of opening a booster pack. That way you aren't stuck with copies of Cogwork Librarian that are just 3/3 creatures for 4, especially when things like Dodecapod, Peace Strider, and Pierce Strider all exist.

Dodecapod  Peace Strider  Pierce Strider

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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