Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Deck Wins in the New Standard

So during the week of spoilers, I kept finding cards that would make a perfect "Red Deck Wins" deck. This is essentially a very fast deck that kills your opponent in 3 to 5 turns and I built in a little bit of late game action if things last too long or the draws aren't very good. Let's take a look...

Red Deck Wins


x4 Blistercoil Weird
x2 Ash Zealot
x4 Satyr Firedancer
x3 Young Pyromancer
x3 Guttersnipe
x2 Oracle of Bones


x20 Mountain

Other Spells

x4 Spark Jolt
x4 Shock
x4 Searing Blood
x4 Lightning Strike
x2 Magma Jet
x2 Skullcrack
x2 Awaken the Ancient


x2 Ash Zealot
x2 Magma Jet
x2 Skullcrack
x4 Mizzium Mortars
x3 Bolt of Keranos
x2 Pithing Needle

Hopefully you can see the theme here, but let's take this for a spin.

Blistercoil Weird  Satyr Firedancer  Searing Blood

Turn 1: Mountain and Blistercoil Weird.
Turn 2: Mountain and Satyr Firedancer, attack with Blistercoil Weird if no creatures
Turn 3: Mountain, Searing Blood, and Shock. Searing Blood kills a creature (hopefully there is one), which then deals 3 damage to an opponent resulting in the trigger of the Satyr Firedancer hopefully killing a second creature (if one exists). Shock to deal 2 damage to an opponent, triggering Satyr Firedancer again (Shock or Searing Blood in any order, either way, 5 damage to opponent, 7 damage to creatures owned by your opponent, and a 3/3 Weird to attack as it sees fit).
Turn 4: At this point, anything involving casting instants and sorceries pumping the Weird and hitting the creatures should work. There are 20 burn spells dealing between 1 and 3 damage per, plus some scry mixed in. We also have Young Pyromancer for tokens, Guttersnipe for more direct damage, Ash Zealot for hasty first strike attacks, and the like. With these combinations, and your opponent at 12 life, 2 Lightning Strikes and a Weird attacking or another combination gives them 3 life with which a Skullcrack turn 5 will tear them apart, or maybe Awaken the Ancient swinging for the kill next turn.

Mizzium Mortars  Oracle of Bones

The damage combinations will most likely differ, and with more creature heavy decks, you'll want more creatures for blocking and more things like Mizzium Mortars from the sideboard. Oracle of Bones is also great for late game, especially if you'd like to cast a burn spell for free, causing Satyr Firedancer to trigger, and also allowing Oracle of Bones to attack.

I believe I have most of the cards for this deck (except from Born of the Gods), so I look forward to using this at an FNM soon. I won't have the cards by this week and then next week is Valentine's Day, so at some point after that I'll put this together and hopefully wreak havoc.

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