Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist of the Week: Christopher Rush

I feel as if it is now about time we feature the artist who has created the art for the most widely known and most powerful card ever printed: Christopher Rush. He provided art for none other than... What? No, not Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Jason Chan did the art for that and we just featured him last week. No, Christopher Rush did the art for none other than the Black Lotus.

Black Lotus

His most recent art was Infantry Veteran in M11, but that art has been reused for all its printings since its original printing in Visions. Other than that returning art/card, his most recent art showed up in Time Spiral. The only cards that he did art for in that set were Opal Guardian and Chronatog Totem.

Opal Guardian  Chronatog Totem

During my research on Christopher, I found finding information on him is a really difficult thing to do. I can't find social media sites, websites, or any other way to get in touch with him. In fact, a post on MTG Salvation asking about how to contact him to sign cards revealed that he cannot be contacted.

However, he was a contributing artist to The Gathering: Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic: the Gathering, and he did a pretty awesome reimagined Black Lotus piece for the book, of which I have a hardback copy in my possession.

In addition to a lack of information on Mr. Rush, there is only one WotC wallpaper by him that I could find, and that is of All Hallow's Eve. Please click the image below to be taken to the page where you can download it for your computer.

Thank you for joining me this week to take a look at some of the work of one of the iconic artists from the history of Magic.

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