Monday, March 3, 2014

Noah Bradley, Everyone

So a few days ago, I noticed a tweet by Noah Bradley, one of the newer MTG artists. He's done several art pieces, many of which I like. He has brought us land art:

Izzet Guildgate  Transguild Promenade  Boros Guildgate

and he has brought us new art for an old favorite and art for a Standard red staple...

Giant Growth  Mizzium Mortars

Of course that doesn't showcase all of his art, but it provides a nice sample of what he's done and some of my favorite artwork from the past couple of years (and in the case of Mizzium Mortars, a card that shows up in most decks I've played recently). But on to the tweet I noticed:

Wanting to gain a little information about future sets, I decided to ask just where this new art would show up.

So, pretty much the second set of the next block, which will be released January/February of 2015 (so it takes 2 years for complete set design, but art is worked on about 1 year before the set is released). And... I forgot there is exclusive art put into MTGO (Magic: the Gathering Online for those that don't know the abbreviation), prompting the following tweets:

So I made a promise...

 photo Moat_MTGOweek_1280x960_Wallpaper_zps65c37c9b.jpg

If you want to download this as a wallpaper, please click the artwork and you'll be taken to the Wizards of the Coast page with downloads for a variety of screen sizes.

Just do me one favor: Never forget. For Noah Bradley's sake. It will make him happy.

You can find Noah Bradley on Twitter, Facebook, and on his website. Monday Morning MTG also has Twitter, but we don't have Facebook, and you are already on our website.

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