Monday, March 31, 2014

Pyrophoros (U/R Tokens)

When Theros came out I ran in to a problem. I had built a "Power Summer" B/W Humans Deck and that left me deckless going into Theros. This issue lead me to many brews that I now have hidden somewhere in my computer. While delving through my files I found the little mine that was those deck ideas. U/R Token is one of the many decks that I found in that file.

Quite Shocking
The deck has one main goal, get Purphoros, God of the Forge out on the field and pump out an obscene amount of tokens to shock your opponent to death.


x4 Young Pyromancer
x4 Purphoros, God of the Forge
x4 Frostburn Weird
x3 Master of Waves
x2 Goblin Electromancer
x2 Omen Speaker


x4 Steam Vents
x11 Mountain
x10 Island

Other Spells

x4 Molten Birth
x4 Dissolve
x2 Cyclonic Rift
x2 Magma Jet
x2 Curse of the Swine
x2 Rapid Hybridization

Purphoro, God of the Forge is the main win condition brought by this deck. Many of the cards in the deck help get Purphoros, God of the Forge to trigger. This deck is not meant to use Purphoros as a creature, but as an enchantment that shock for each creature or as a way to pump your army for lethal. 
Token Engine
This deck has the capability to have a very large amount of token get onto the battlefield. It take advantage of mass token producers which include:
  • Young Pyromancer - The Deck is host to a large amount of instants and sorceries (16) that help Young Pyromancer trigger. These tokens are then either used for: being fed into Curse of the Swine to make them bigger or get more damage from Purphoros, to get more Purphoros triggers, swarming your opponent with 1/1s, or using the elemental tokens produced by itself to be pumped by Master of Waves for a more aggressive plan.   
  • Master of Waves - This deck does not have many cards that help your Blue devotion (Frostburn Weird, Goblin Electromancer, Master of Waves, and Omen Speaker) though what blue devotion it does have it uses to make Master of Waves: Make a large amount of tokens for an aggressive game plan, use the many creatures entering the battlefield from Master of Waves to trigger Purphoros, or use the elemental pump effect to boost the tokens made by Young Pyromancer.
  • Curse of the Swine - Curse of the Swine is used as removal as it was meant to or in a more unorthodox manner by recycling already existing creature to either make them    larger (turn 1/1s and 2/1s into 2/2s) or get more Purphoros Triggers.
  • Molten Birth - Molten Birth is very good at making elementals (we care about that) which can just further absurd amount of creatures.  
  • Rapid Hybridization - It is great straight-up removal for one mana in these colors, also can be used to pump smaller creatures and get more Purphoros triggers.
Creatures (non-token engine)
  • Frostburn Weird - Helps with devotion to both colors that the deck cares about, but also can just be a fantastic wall.
  • Goblin Electromancer - It makes the Instants and sorceries just better making it easier to trigger Young Pyromancer which in turn makes it easier to trigger Purphoros.
  • Omen Speaker- A nice wall that can help you get through the deck to get what you need.
Instants and Sorceries (non-token engine)
  • Dissolve - Can deal with pesky spells and helps trigger Young Pyromancer
  • Cyclonic Rift - Decent way to deal with pesky permanents and can be a great one sided board wipe, also can help trigger Young Pyromancer.
  • Magma Jet - Can be decent early removal or damage, can also help you get through you deck, and helps trigger Young Pyromancer
Final Notes
This deck can go in many different directions that all split from the same path and end in the same location. While it may be hard to get set up at first, it can easily settle down and do what it is supposed to do. Try it out maybe change it a bit, add a color, or lose a color. Do what you will with my list. Just have fun with it. Good Luck.

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