Monday, March 10, 2014

Red Battle Games is officially a sponsor for Monday Morning MTG

So some of you may have noticed the new ad/link on the bottom of the page. Our new sponsor is a store co-owned by a friend of mine, so I'm pleased to announce that Red Battle Games in Danville, Virginia is now our sponsor.

Of course, as a sponsor, they're going to be working with us to provide promotions for use in their online store. Depending on how many people buy from them, we could get more promotions in the future.

Their prices are 10% less than the TCGPlayer average price and the best part is you're ordering everything from one store. By buying from Red Battle Games, you don't have to go down a list on TCGPlayer and get cards from the cheapest four vendors just to get a playset of a card. Plus, by supporting Red Battle Games, you support us.

As a supporter of this site, I'd like to reveal our first promo code:

"mondaymorning" is the code. What does it do? I'm glad you asked. This will take 5% off your total order.

So please go buy from our sponsor:

If for some reason this code does not work for you, please send me an email at "MTG {at} mondaymorningmtg {dot} com" and provide details (day/time you entered it, number of times you've used it already, etc.) so that I can check on it for you.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported us this far and I'd also like to thank Red Battle Games for their support of us now and in the future.

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