Monday, April 14, 2014

Artist of the Week: Steve Argyle

For today's Artist of the Week, I'm going to start it a little differently... I left this out the week we covered Jason Chan, but that was an accident because Gatherer doesn't search for this by default...

Today, I start with a Plane card!

The Hippodrome

Steve Argyle has been doing art for Magic: the Gathering for some time. We first saw his art in Shards of Alara with Naya Battlemage, Sunseed Nurturer, and Yoked Plowbeast.

Naya Battlemage  Sunseed Nurturer  Yoked Plowbeast

He has done art for reprints of iconic cards and even cards printed just for Commander (and of course Legacy).

Bloodbraid Elf  Nevinyrral's Disk  Damia, Sage of Stone

He has also done the art for a couple planeswalkers, one of which most people consider to be one of the best planeswalkers after Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Liliana of the Veil  Chandra Ablaze

But the card I see appear most through Twitter are his alterations to a particular Standard card (HINT: It was recently banned in Modern)

Deathrite Shaman

All of his art is fantastic and there is a ton of detail in these cards (just look closely at Deathrite Shaman). Steve Argyle is definitely an amazing artist.

Please click on the above image to be taken to the Wizards of the Coast wallpaper page for Steve Argyle's Admonition Angel from Worldwake.

You can find Steve Argyle on Twitter and on his Website (just don't ask about Liliana & Chandra or about getting him to do art for free). Monday Morning MTG also has Twitter. We hope that you realize you're already on our website or else otherwise this could get awkward...

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