Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Journey Into Nyx Spoilers Part 8

Day 8: We've gotten through all the mythic rares and are now filling in the gaps with cycles, commons, uncommons, and a couple more rares.

Aegis of the Gods

This will definitely have a place in a white deck. It's sort of like Leyline of Sanctity but half the cost and as a 2/1 creature.

Dictate of Heliod
Pretty good, especially for white weenies.

Ritual of the Returned

Not a bad card at all, especially if you do some graveyard shenanigans and such (like discarding cards like Worldspine Wurm or other cards).

Bearer of the Heavens

Ah, the story of Atlas so nicely put in the flavor of this card. You kill him, he drops the world, everything ends.

Zealous Conscripts in Sorcery form with multikicker. Theft decks are looking fun.

I think Elvish Mystic is better. Here you're just adding one colorless for an extra power. Sylvan Caryatid, even if it only made green, is still far better than this. Granted Sylvan Caryatid is a rare and this is a common, but I feel like some design space was wasted here.

Good, good...

The overall cost is cheaper than Think Twice and it's flashback combined...

Not bad, not bad...

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

I'm torn on this card. It's decent, but Rampant Growth is better, but this triggers anything that cards about enchantments...

Another strive card for Heroic triggers. I would have liked this as an instant for +2/+0 and first strike, but I guess that would be a bit overpowered and it negates the purpose for vigilance...

This is an interesting tutor of sorts... I want to see if anything comes of this.

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