Monday, May 5, 2014

Artist of the Week: Adam Paquette

Adam Paquette is one of Magic's newer artists. His first art appeared on basic lands in Innistrad (except Forests) and then on several other cards during the block.

Plains  Island  Swamp  Mountain


Adam's art has shown up in Planechase 2012 and has shown up on plenty of cards that have cool art.

Thunderous Wrath  Manamorphose

His art has even made it into From the Vault: Realms and even into an awesome card in Commander's Arsenal.

Shivan Gorge  Command Tower

His art is on all kinds of cards from lands to spells, to artifacts and even awesome creatures. He has some pretty great art, so let's hope his art keeps showing up on Magic cards far into the future.

The wallpaper this week is from Dark Ascension, specifically the land Haunted Fengraf. As always, click on the above image for a link to download the wallpaper. All of the cards that Adam has done art for can be found here.

You can find Adam on Twitter, and on his Website. Monday Morning MTG also has Twitter. Have a favorite artist you want featured here? Send us an email at!

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