Monday, May 26, 2014

R/B Unneccessary CENSORED-ship

We all know that guy, the guy who is the what people think most magic players or roleplayers are (best explained by this video [warning video is not family appropriate just like the people I am trying to describe]), the guy you have to ask the playgroup if they are alright if he joins,you may not know this person and to you I extend. I personally do not like these type of people because they can ruin an experience, but sometime you have to give them a helping hand and give them a deck to be horrible people with


x4 Brain Maggot
x2 Stormbreath Dragon
x2 Mogis, God of Slaughter
x2 Fate Unraveler
x2 Master of Cruelty


x4 Blood Crypt
x4 Temple of Malice
x2 Rakdos Guildgate
x9 Swamp
x5 Mountain

Other Spells

x4 Thoughtseize
x4 Duress
x4 Rakdos's Return
x4 Heroes Downfall
x3 Read the Bones
x3 Dreadbore
x2 Ultimate Price


This deck is untested and as such, I have not thought of a sideboard.

I do not understand this concept you call fun.
Fun is overrated anyway, and with this list you can suck the joy out of any game of Magic with a simple bundle of CENSORED black mana. If for those people who love having fun but are curious of the dark side here is how this deck want to run.

Just some classic thought picking
This deck has a plethora of hand disruption that you can stomp the hopes of the little boy running his intro deck at his very first FNM while you spout obscenities such as CENSORED.

Duress: Just a bad Thoughtseize, that does CENSORED not prevent Duress from making your opponent feel horrible as you take there complete reason for keeping.
 Brain Maggot: It's a temporary Thoughseize, and again amazing can ping your opponent after you reach in with your beautiful insect into there ear canal and (Editor Note: to graphic for here or any website) than after all that you can take the creature for more value by preventing them from getting ahead and taking away a blocker for Brain Maggot (Usually if there is any removal take it)
Thoughtseize: I don't need to tell you how CENSORED awesome this card is.
Rakdos's Return: This card let you CENSORED finish your opponent by emptying there hand in burning them to near death.

You're not aloud to have creatures either

Not only can you go straight into your opponents brain and pick out all the good juice and fun CENSORED, you can kill any pesky creature that is trying to let your opponent have "fun". You want to kill all things that can kill you, if you don't want to die kill things simple black color philosophy.

You can't control them to death

You need creatures, i am not going to lie to you, you can't just sit there and kill all there things and hope to win. So i present to you a tiny effective armory to kill your opponent.

Stormbreath Dragon: Just an efficient killing machine CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED.
 Master of Cruelties: So much value, it kills things and after CENSORED their creatures we can put them to one letting us finish them with Fate Unraveler or a Rakdos's Return for 1. (or any creature besides Master of Cruelties)
Fate Unraveler: 3/4 for 4 is not half bad and then you get the constant life loss that lets you control you opponent to death CENSORED.
Mogis, God of Slaughter: Most of the time you do not care about this guy being a creature he just destroys you opponents board and lets you put the CENSORED against your opponent.

Be off and go ruin somebodies day while sucking the fun out of all things with hand disruption , removal, and just horrible things. CENSORED Thank you, and don't forget to brew.

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