Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wacky Wednesdays: Blue/Green TRON

This is definitely an odd deck that has a basis around the popular Modern Blue TRON deck list.

First of all, a TRON deck has a specific mana base that are the "Urzatron" lands (a reference to a 1980s anime called Voltron), which are these:

Urza's Mine  Urza's Power Plant  Urza's Tower

There are plenty of other key ingredients, but you can find out more about TRON decks by looking here. This isn't an MTGSalvation Primer, but if you want ideas on what a normal TRON deck looks like or has, MTGSalvation Primers are probably the best place to look.

Green/Blue TRON


x2 Copper Myr
x4 Silver Myr
x4 Treasure Mage
x3 Solemn Simulacrum
x2 Wurmcoil Engine
x2 Myr Battlesphere
x1 Platinum Angel
x1 Sundering Titan


x1 Academy Ruins
x4 Urza's Mine
x4 Urza's Power Plant
x4 Urza's Tower
x6 Island
x1 Forest


x4 Expedition Map
x2 Mindslaver

Other Spells

x2 Alpha Authority
x4 Remand
x2 Think Twice
x2 Divination
x2 Ghostly Flicker
x3 Infinite Reflection


I didn't develop a sideboard yet since this deck is still being developed, but I'm definitely going with Spellskite and more counter spells.

So this is a bit unconventional based on the inclusion of the Mana Myr, Alpha Authority, and Infinite Reflection.

Copper Myr  Silver Myr

There is an actual reason for this. Consider the following three cards together:

Wurmcoil Engine  Alpha Authority  Infinite Reflection

All of those together mean one simple thing: Everything is a Wurmcoil Engine, splits into tokens when it dies, and the source of this can't be targeted with spells to get rid of Infinite Reflection. Of course you could do this with Myr Battlesphere which means more Myr tokens which means more damage during combat.

There is plenty of card draw and mana fixing here as well as some control found in Remand. Also included is a "reset switch" of sorts in Ghostly Flicker. For instance if you pop out a Myr Battlesphere and drop Infinite Reflection on it and in a couple more turns you get Wurmcoil Engine and prefer to use that, Ghostly Flicker will let you bounce Myr Battlesphere, and thus remove Infinite Reflection from the board.

Remand  Ghostly Flicker  Myr Battlesphere

I haven't been able to do too much as many people have lost interest in Modern at my local game store, but when I have tested it, this has worked decently well and is a different, and somewhat cheaper, take on a TRON deck. Overall, there are several cards that could cost a decent amount (the Remands and Wurmcoil Engines will cost more than half of this entire deck), but this deck was meant to be a cheaper version of the TRON decks running around with four Wurmcoil Engines, four Karn Liberated, and all the other expensive cards. With this deck, you can have as many Wurmcoil Engines as you want without needing to pay $100 for four.

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