Monday, June 23, 2014

Will of the Council, A Conspiracy

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to draft Conspiracy. We wound up in draft pods of 9 and split into groups of 4 and 5. From my draft pod, I wound up in multi-player group of 5 from my draft pod. I was able to use some politics to form a group with a couple other players and wound up tied for second as myself and another player were taken out at the same time.

From the cards I drafted, I was able to grab several cards using Will of the Council.

White/Black WotC


x1 Grudge Keeper
x1 Liliana's Specter
x1 Apex Hawks
x2 Brago's Representative
x1 Wakedancer
x1 Infectious Horror
x1 Magus of the Mirror
x1 Council Guardians
x1 Twisted Abomination


x8 Plains
x8 Swamp

Other Spells

x1 Stave Off
x2 Altar's Reap
x1 Council's Judgment
x1 Mortify
x1 Assassinate
x1 Guardian Zendikon
x2 Kor Chant
x2 Rousing Souls
x2 Bite of the Black Rose
x1 Reign of the Pit


x1 Brago's Favor, naming Bite of the Black Rose
x1 Immediate Action, naming Infectious Horror
x1 Power Play
x1 Unexpected Potential, naming Kor Chant

Brago's Favor  Immediate Action  Unexpected Potential
Bite of the Black Rose  Infectious Horror  Kor Chant

The main purpose of this deck is to control the outcome of the game using votes.

Council Guardian  Council's Judgment  Tyrant's Choice

With Bite of the Black Rose, you get to take out some creatures or take away some of their options, Council Guardian allows you protection against other colored permanents, Council's Judgment exiles permanents you don't want on the field, and Tyrant's Choice takes life from opponents or forces them to sacrifice creatures.

Brago's Representative  Grudge Keeper

Brago's Representative allows extra votes in order to have a better chance of getting the vote you want and then Grudge Keeper takes life from opponents if they vote with you.

The only downside to this deck was no large creatures. If I had larger creatures, I probably could have defended myself against the large green creatures my opponent who won had.

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