Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Fact Fridays: Ancestral Recall Cycle

Ancestral Recall

A lot of people will know Ancestral Recall as being a member of the "Power Nine," a group of cards that have been deemed the most powerful cards in Magic. They're only legal in Vintage decks and even then, each of the Power Nine is restricted to one per deck.

We're not going into why Ancestral Recall is so powerful, but what we will look at is the cycle that Ancestral Recall belongs to. I believe you might recognize a couple of these...

Healing Salve  Healing Salve

Healing Salve is the White card in the cycle.

Dark Ritual  Dark Ritual

Dark Ritual is the Black card in the cycle.

Lightning Bolt  Lightning Bolt

Oh look, Lightning Bolt! That's the Red card in the cycle.

Giant Growth  Giant Growth

And Giant Growth finishes up the cycle as the Green card.

Now, Ancestral Recall is rare and the rest are commons, but the reason they're a cycle is that each costs one colored mana and an effect in that color with the number three happens. Either you gain 3 life/prevent 3 damage, draw 3 cards, add 3 black mana to your mana pool, deal 3 damage, or boost a creature by +3/+3 for the turn.

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