Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun Fact Fridays: Symbol Changes

Throughout the twenty-one years of Magic, there have been a few different symbol changes. For instance, the current mana symbols look like this:

When Magic first started, those weren't the mana symbols.

"What did they look like?" you might be asking. Well here they are:

The mana symbols have a similar look to the current ones, and were the original ones from Alpha, but also went through another transformation around Ice Age that resulted in what we have today.

Of course, there was a fourth version of mana symbols that showed up in Future Sight...

Of course, the tap symbol changed to over the years. There were three different versions:

The first one, the 45 degree tilted T was first in Revised. Then, the next version showed up in Fourth Edition. Following that, we have the one introduced in Eighth Edition.

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