Thursday, July 10, 2014

Magic 2015 Set Review: Green

Ancient Silverback
Eric's Review - This is actually pretty decent card. A 6/5 for six mana is okay, but it is better because you can regenerate it.
Back to Nature
Eric's Review - A two mana enchantment destruction spell, especially right after Theros Block? Well, this definitely makes for an interesting card in Modern, especially with Bogles being decently popular.
Carnivorous Moss-Beast
Eric's Review - Quite a bit costly, that's for sure... But you can boost the creature with counters each turn. This does play into a U/G mana deck I want to build...
Charging Rhino
Eric's Review - Built in "only blockable by two or more creatures" is good, and combined with a 4/4 is pretty good, especially in Limited.
Chord of Calling
Eric's Review - This reprint is quite good, especially considering the original price. And you can search for creatures by tapping creatures, which is good.
Elvish Mystic
Eric's Review - Mana dork. Always good to have.
Feral Incarnation
Eric's Review - Nine mana for a total of nine toughness is great, and with Convoke being able to reduce the cost is pretty amazing.
Gather Courage
Eric's Review - Eh... Giant Growth is better, but all we get is Titanic Growth in M15. Still, I suppose it isn't bad, especially if while you're out of mana, you can tap a creature for the boost.
Genesis Hydra
Eric's Review - Ah, Genesis Hydra, the first externally designed card revealed. It is strongly powerful given that not only you get a */* creature, but you could also get a creature that costs the same as X. This is hugely powerful and I expect it to be one of the better hydras in existence.
Hornet Nest
Eric's Review - So a 0/2 defender that creates tokens. Doesn't seem great, right? Did I mention the tokens are flying deathtouch tokens? Perhaps a newer, better Boros Reckoner in a way? Take damage, make tokens that kill everything else. Good good.
Hornet Queen
Eric's Review - Seven mana gives six power split into five pieces, each with flying and deathtouch. Definitely good.
Hunt the Weak
Eric's Review - A bit costly for this spell. Four mana for a counter and for a creature fight? No thanks, not interested.
Hunter’s Ambush
Eric's Review - A nice way to use mono-green devotion to your advantage, which will definitely come in handy. I have decks to build I guess...
Invasive Species
Eric's Review - Well... I'm not a fan of returning things to my hand from the battlefield. Still could be a powerhouse, especially if you can return Nykthos to your hand...
Kalonian Twingrove
Eric's Review - Mono Green Devotion. Yep. That deck is looking good...
Life’s Legacy
Eric's Review - Green card draw. Seems good, definitely.
Living Totem
Eric's Review - It's not bad, but it's not completely amazing either. Can boost an already existing creature that can attack, so it isn't too bad, but definitely better for Limited.
Eric's Review - Artifact/Enchantment destruction comes standard with all Modern core sets.
Netcaster Spider
Eric's Review - A creature that gets boosted when it blocks a creature with a particular attribute... Interesting...
Nissa, Worldwaker
Eric's Review - Our fifth planeswalker of the set is the second version of Nissa. This is absolutely a wonderful planeswalker. Two +1 abilities with one that turns lands into creatures and another that untaps Forests. Of course the loyalty counters start off pretty low, the -7 ability is pretty powerful because you can take all basic lands out of your deck and make them creatures. Definitely one of the best Planeswalkers in the set.
Nissa’s Expedition
Eric's Review - This is also pretty great because you can use Convoke to bring in more lands is really powerful. Also by playing Nissa, you would have enough mana to cast this too. More lands on the field means more 4/4 Trample creatures.
Eric's Review - Making all creatures you control have +3/+3 is great, and Convoke helps, but the goal would be to boost all attacking creatures. So Convoke is a little pointless with this...
Paragon of Eternal Wilds
Eric's Review - The last Paragon, we get Trample. Not too bad at all, especially with the huge creatures available to you in green. Pair it with Phytotitan and you can do a ton of damage.
Eric's Review - A creature with seven toughness, but easily killed. The redeeming cuality is that it will keep coming back at the beginning of your next upkeep, but it will come back tapped... So not so great there, but being able to make it have trample or any other boost with other green spells of abilities on green creatures is great.
Eric's Review - Standard flying creature destruction. Moving on...
Ranger’s Guile
Eric's Review - A pump spell that frequently shows up in core sets, boosting a creature and giving it hexproof can be amazing considering there are a ton of kill spells out there.
Reclamation Sage
Eric's Review - More artifact/enchantment destruction, just on a 2/1 body. Good for Limited I guess...
Eric's Review - Good for a Dredge deck, I think.
Roaring Primadox
Eric's Review - This could pair well with enchantment creatures with constellation or creatures wit h"Enter the Battlefield" effects. For that, it's good. Otherwise, a 4/4 for four mana is actually pretty decent.
Runeclaw Bear
Eric's Review - The standard, vanilla bear.
Satyr Wayfinder
Eric's Review - Dredge. Also from Theros Block, but this is for the Limited environment...
Shaman of Spring
Eric's Review - Card draw in green when a creature dies. Not too bad I guess...
Siege Wurm
Eric's Review - Not a bad creature, especially when Convoke is thrown into the mix. 5/5 Trample for seven mana is pretty great.
Soul of Zendikar
Eric's Review - The fifth Soul, five mana for a 3/3 beast is a bit much, but with nothing better for that mana to do, seems good. Also with the U/G mana deck possible in Standard, putting beasts on the battlefield shouldn't be a problem.
Sunblade Elf
Eric's Review - Effectively a 2/2 by turn two, Sunblade Elf is not at all bad. Also considering you can give all your creatures +1/+1 for a turn is a big plus.
Titanic Growth
Eric's Review - Standard pump spell... Good to have these...
Undergrowth Scavenger
Eric's Review - Dredge material. Play it early to maximize it, then bring back creatures from your graveyard. Since it only checks at the beginning and not constantly, this is a pretty great creature.
Venom Sliver
Eric's Review - The fifth sliver... Deathtouch for all of them, a 1/1, and only two mana. Love it! Slivers decks just became a ton better.
Verdant Haven
Eric's Review - Land enchantments for mana ramp. Life gain doesn't hurt either... Third printing, second in a core set, and when Gatecrash rotates out of Standard, we get to keep it.
Eric's Review - Brood Keeper (red) would love this since it is cheap and you can always return it to your hand and keep recasting it for more dragons. These connections are pretty sweet.
Wall of Mulch
Eric's Review - Again with the Wall subtheme. Well, it is green card draw I guess...
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
Eric's Review - The fifth legendary creature, a 2/3 for three isn't bad, but then you can pay three, tap, put a "verse counter" on him, then search for creatures with converted mana cost equaling in the number of verse counters and actually put it on the battlefield. Loving this for EDH, and it could be good in Modern. It's no Aether Vial, but it is sort of like one except on a creature. Seems quite good if you ask me. Also could make the difference in any Limited game and possibly even in Standard. Going to keep an eye on this guy...

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